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12:20 p.m. - 2010-02-15
Breaking my fast.

I'm sitting here eyeballing a box of Lindor and wondering how many truffles constitute a good breakfast. Well, to healthy things up a bit I could add an egg and some fruit, you say? Terrific idea! Cool! On my desk right next to the truffles there's chocolate covered cherries and a Cadbury egg! That should cover things nicely. Thanks for your help.

Hee hee hee.

Valentine's Day was very mellow. Didn't go anywhere and Mick and I got our fight over with on Saturday so that cleared the last of the weekend agenda. Wasn't much of a fight, just enough to qualify as our official 'too much time together' squabble. Heh.

Mick showered me with gifts, as is only appropriate, we're only 3 years into things and there's still at least 3 more to go before he starts copping out with a last minute card and a "Jeeze, I took your car to Jiffy Lube for ya, that's kinda romantic, ain't it?"

I kid. Mick will never be allowed to blow off Valentine's Day.

Hey, I figure it's only fair since he already gets a walk on Mother's Day. I haven't given him any kids so even though I am a mother it's not his job to whomp up presents and dinners out. However he does have to take Wolf to the stores and advise. It's not like the ex will ever say, "Come on, Wolf, let's go to the mall and get something nice for your mom." Though Mike did give me a birthday present this year, which was very weird. Out of the 24 birthdays during our marriage he ignored/forgot about 16 of them and now that we've been divorced for 4 years all of a sudden he's gifting me on my birthday? (The gift was a coffee cup warmer, obviously a hand-me-down from some client who got it in the office holiday grab bag and then gave it to Mike, who then gave it to me. So it's not like the ex trotted off to Tiffany's or anything. It was the fact that he remembered my birthday at all that was weird.)

The presents from Mick yesterday were MUCH nicer than a hand-me-down mug warmer. My guy is an excellent present picker. Along with the chocolates there was a gift card from my favorite boutique (Old Navy) and explicit orders to use it for things for me. (Yes, I've been known to use my gift cards to get stuff for the guys instead.) The first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Incense. And a gorgeous pair of earrings. I'll try to get a pic of them later and put it up. Carnelian and peridot. Delicate yet substantial.

Phooey, I just looked at the clock and see I need to get my heinie in gear. The gym awaits. Back in a while.


And I'm back! Didja miss me?

Good workout today. I do have to get some workout gloves though. I take off my rings, naturally, but my hands are still taking a beating. I've wanted my investment in workout gear to be minimal, especially at first until I was sure I wasn't going to punk out. Nothing worse to me than spending money on hobby or sports equipment and then not using it. Makes me feel 50 times dumber than when I'd quit out on something I hadn't spent any money on. There's a pilates dvd on the shelves somewhere and just running across it makes me cringe. "Loser! Money squandering loser!"

Speaking of dvds, Mick's got one more episode of 'True Blood' left. He, as I was, is a bit put off by how lamely weird things got in episode 10. The writing in that one sucked. I am a credit reader and have seen that each episode has usually had a different writer and director. Nothing against collaborative efforts, I imagine writing or directing an entire TV series would be very hard, but obviously some folks are better at it than others. I'm still looking forward to getting season two, overall this show is a ton of fun.

A shower, some lunch and then a movie date with my guys are the rest of the day's planned activities. Gads, my life is so rough, eh?

Stinky and hungry, ~LA

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