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9:19 a.m. - 2010-02-14
Love, Love, Love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I feel a bit giddy this morning and haven't even had any chocolate yet. Could be because I had a good night's sleep and for the first time in weeks hadn't woken up scared from a bad dream. Could be because I know right down to my bone marrow that I have wonderful friends. Could be because despite our differences and relationship growing pains I have a man who loves me with everything he's got and after my long empty life I know how rare and wonderful that is.

Along with those great good things I've got other goodies on my list:

Finished the antibiotic and my lungs and nether regions are feeling better.

When I presented my son with a mushy card and a wee box of candy he got shiny-eyed and blushed.

The smaller waist is a fact, but even better my back fat is beginning to look less blobby.

There were three glossy crows and a dozen bitty song birds waiting for me this morning. Okay, they were waiting for bird seed and peanuts, but their excited peeping and hopping around was cute. One of the crows even bowed its thanks.

The whimsy purchase of a rosy red lipstick turned out to be a faboo color on me and doesn't make me look like an Insane Clown Posse groupie.

Bought a new game at Big Fish and now have decent world-ranked score. (This is a balm after getting my ass handed to me over and over at Wordscraper and Bejeweled Blitz recently.)

Dichroic will be back from her African photo safari soon and I will get to have another vicarious adventure.

There is a gigantic snowman down the street on a neighbor's front lawn and its jaunty hat and carrot nose makes me smile every time I go past.

The lilac-scented candle on my altar smells like spring.

I will cook like a mad thing today and get to watch Mick eat his Valentine's Day gift. His foodgasmic appreciation of my cooking is soooo flattering! I thrive on compliments and positive feedback and Mick doesn't stint on either of those.

I am making good on another personal improvement project and am damn proud of myself. (Not ready to discuss exactly what it is yet, but know it's going well and be glad for me.)

The biggest utility bill of the year is here and while pretty bad, it is a doable amount and I have no need to go groveling to the ex for help with it.

Mick and I are much more successful at the foxtrot than we are at the tango.

I think I am finally mastering the settings on my new Christmas camera and will soon be boring you and the crew at FB with 1,000's of pics.

My MIL is going to 'surprise' me with one of those wonderful full-spectrum natural daylight super-bright work lamps and maybe, just maybe my hands will cooperate enough to let me do needlework again. If not, I'll still have great light to read by.

After the gym tomorrow we're all going to get spiffied up and take in a matinee of 'Percy Jackson'. There will be popcorn and a centaur who looks a hella lot like Pierce Brosnan.

Sending out my happiest, most appreciative best wishes of the day to all of you, my dear ones.

Blowing kisses, ~LA

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