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12:28 a.m. - 2007-03-29
1st Date with Mick.

Blown away. Mick was completely blown away.

He handled himself okay. No drooling. No staring. But it was clear he was thinking the old, "Women like you don't happen to guys like me" thing. I did most of the talking (like when don't I?), but he had enough to say for himself. Not brain dead. Not a recliner potato either. For an old dude this guy is buff. He said it was mostly maintenance these days, just trying to hang onto what he had. Well worth hanging onto, I must say. The guy is built like a bear. A short bear with a membership at Gold's Gym.

Friends, I made him blush. More than once. And I wasn't being naughty. Really. Just disarming and complimentary. And I made him laugh. Good deal.

Do I like him? Well enough. Not as much as I like Red. But Red's a special case, he's a witch for Pete's sake. For a mundane Mick is a decent guy. We have a date for Tuesday. He's taking me to the movies. I shrugged prettily and admitted my weekend was booked solid already and Tuesday was my first open night. Mick looked so woebegone about it I relented and told him my 'date' for Saturday night was with my kid. If Wolf's going off with his dad for the week, I want to get a good chunk of time with him before he goes. I didn't say doodly about catching up with Dish at Shane's kegger after the political thing on Friday. Nor anything about Red on Sunday. (I blew off Bogie for Red. Sue me.) Or Roy the Paperboy on Monday. This would distress Mick, I'm pretty sure. And why upset the man?

"LA, sweetie, aren't we overdoing things just a wee bit? You got the bod, but you are not Wonder Woman."

Oh yeah? Sure about that?

No, seriously. For one thing, only Dish is getting the goods. At least for the near future. (Yes, we believe in TMI here at the Sage page. It's good for you. Stretches the emotions and the imagination.) So wear and tear on LA is minimal. And c'mon, how many keggers do chicks in my life situation get to attend? Especially coming off such a grown-up and intellectually stimulating event as a political skull-session? The juxtaposition is just too fun. Red? First we're doing lunch then I'm taking him on a new growth inspection of the wetlands. Because I am so sex-ay in my Wellies. And Paperboy Roy is major flirting over tomes and lattes at the bookstore. Takes time to establish a smoothly functioning man-harem. Groundwork needs to be laid and ground rules have to be settled first. And mind you, we are still in the preliminaries. Plus there's Mick to work into the equation now. I have a pretty good feeling he's no Viagra cowboy. But as a former altar boy who is still able to blush, we're talking major lead time here.

Big fun though. I am having big fun. During the last week of bliss I purged inner demons and ransacked Macy's. I was all about being nice to myself. It was Christmas and my asshole ex and his wretched family had conspired to take my kids. Men were the fricken last thing I wanted to deal with. I was all good with a willing checkbook and a clearance sale.

This time I have better things to do than shop.

Keep your fingers crossed I can maintain this uppy phase for the next 10 days. ~LA

Trite, I know. But so true.

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