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9:50 a.m. - 2007-03-26
Get a load of this reality show.

Survivor LA- Not a million bucks, but you do get the babe who looks like a million.

Lasting through our first elimination round:

Dish- the ever popular go-to guy.

Red- the witch and comfortable fit.

Bogie- the photographer. 3-D hasn't happened yet, so this is why he's still on the list.

The Paperboy- a new contestant. Not actually my paperboy, or anyone else's, he's 24 and more than respectably employed. Classical musician. He just looks like a paperboy. A hunky midwestern one, all blue eyed and pink cheeked.

I'd like to wish all the competitors good luck going into this next round. And remind them to follow the rules and remember the judge's decision to eliminate you may be reversed at any given time depending on her mood of the moment, your geographic proximity and willingness to perform on command.

Not making the cut but getting the courtesy coffee date consolation prize- Mick. Poor Mick. Doomed, but he's just been so gosh darn nice. So he gets a coffee and the shit scared out of him via the overwhelming impact of LA in full glam mode. Oddsmakers are saying it's 2:1 in favor of a nervous breakdown. 4:1 for bursting into terrified tears. 5:2 for spontaneous combustion, and 1:1 dead even for the sneaking escape out the men's room window.

And don't forget the April Fool's Showdown- April 2-9 when our judge will be off mom-duty and putting the competitors through a rigorous series of endurance challenges.

Stay tuned.


So, LA, what else ya got going on besides guys?

Well there's spinach. Since spinach got the all-clear again I have been making up for lost time. Loves me some baby spinach. Only raw though. Cooked spinach gives me the shudders. At least once a day I've been treating myself to a huge bowl of spinach with a little Catalina dressing. Sometimes I throw some clementine sections in there too. Deee-lish.

The other consistent menu item is Campbell's reduced sodium vegetarian vegetable soup. With alphabet noodles! It's the only time I'm ever willing to eat my words. Don't know what it is with the semi-healthy diet these days, but crap has completely dropped off the cravings list. Even the daily glass of milk has been free of additives like Hershey syrup and strawberry Quik. Not complaining, mind you, just a bit surprised. Perhaps I'm getting enough 'empty calories' elsewhere and my bod is satisfied enough to not need grease, sugar and salt.

There's a thought. Vigorous work-outs 3+ times a week with ardent 24 year old. Plus continual interviews with other potential work-out partners and bi-monthly puppy fests on the dance floor of divey pubs. And voila! You too will kick the junk food jones.

"Healthy up your life on The Dish Diet!"

Hey man, it's a hell of a lot more fun than Curves and Jenny Craig. ~LA

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