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12:24 a.m. - 2007-03-30
This deep water is running awfully shallow.

The Do-Gooder takes a holiday.

I guess I can't say I've completely left off my good doing, I'll still be mucking around the wetlands preserve counting green tips and burgeoning root systems on Sunday. Ditto dropping by the food pantry tomorrow to leave the case of baby wipes I picked up at Sam's this afternoon. And there's the political thing tomorrow night. But I have to confess that while I am still acting local, I have left off thinking global. For now.

I'm taking a break from paying attention. For the first time in over 30 years. I follow the Gonzales thing with only mild curiosity. Haven't even checked in with my man Keith to see if he's done one of his magnificent erudite rants on it. Right now I've put down my windmill tilting lance and am trusting others to mind the store while I flitter around with my boys. It's a bloody relief is what it is. I think about that line of John Spencer's in The American President, "I hired a pit bull, not a prom queen!" and sort of feel like since there's such a dearth of pit bulls I should really keep my hand in, but you know what?

For now I am content to be a prom queen.

I know the ones who love me don't mind my tiara time one single bit. In fact you root me on. Encourage me to have some fun finally. I love you guys too. Thanks.

Do-gooding is on my mind because of something I discussed with Mick last night. A wee bit of a defeatist, he said something about not being able to fight city hall. In a sunshiny way I gave him the highlight reel of my fights with city hall and showed him that dammit, yes you can win! Yet…I was happy enough when the talk shifted and he began lading me with compliments and shy endearments. It was nice to sit back and be adored. The usual me would have cut him off and engaged him again about issues and I would have challenged his defeatism until he was raring to fight the good fight with me. Instead I dimpled at him and let him tell me how wonderful I was.

Red, too, he's been another one to sing my praises. Today he said I was ' intelligent, eclectic and stunning'.

Wow. Red, honey? You just keep on keeping on with that stuff. Hey even Paperboy Roy has chimed in that I am 'pretty fly'. (Oh, cut him a break. He's from Nebraska or something. See 3tacon entry vis a vis spiral perms. Trends travel reeeeeeeeeeeeally slowly in the midwest.) Anyhow, under this onslaught of adoration I find myself all runny around the edges and completely uninterested in Freedom of Information issues.

Instead I am thinking about how almost every product in my bathroom is 'anti-aging', 'firming', 'lifting' and 'crone-defying'. Okay, I made the last one up, but really, I am a sucker for any product that claims it will make me look 25 again. This ties in with something else Mick said last night. He loved my hair and said my over-all look was 'beautiful and cool'. I laughed and explained a little about my background. Then admitted I had to wait until both my mother and her mother were dead until I felt comfortable fully utilizing my training and heritage. My legacy from the terminally shallow is not a burden I carry comfortably. Obviously. Why else the public mea culpa?

However this did not stop me from suggesting (demanding with charm) that Mick take me to dinner before the show on Tuesday. Rightie-o, dinner in the venue of my choice, his treat. Red? Despite his earlier flattering words, he was read the riot act over his canceling for Sunday. Not a practicing Catholic, he'd forgotten it was Palm Sunday and he had a command performance with the aunts and cousins. I ripped him a new one (again with much charm), and this was followed by his immediate suggestion the following Wednesday (his next day off) be devoted to LA worship and groveling. Okay, I'm down with that. Besides, this gives me the opportunity to once again rope Bogie into taking me for a cruise on his Harley. He's Jewish, I don't think the Palm Sunday thing will be a problem.

So, as usual, I seem to have wandered off topic. My point is I am not on watch right now. Would someone please tell me you have an eye on things? It would help a lot. Thanks.

Good night, dear ones. ~LA

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