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4:51 p.m. - 2011-12-21
A Well Deserved Shit-Eating Grin

It's been a good day.

A very good day.

The house isn't totally out of danger yet, but the ex has two months to put things right and vacate the foreclosure...or he goes to jail.

The child support (in arrears to the equivalent of half a bachelor's degree with dorm and meal plan at a state college) is to be paid up within the month and be continued to be paid in a timely fashion until Wolf is 21...or the ex goes to jail.

The ex has until the end of the school year (my call) to clean up his mess, pack up all his shit and get gone from my backyard...or he goes to jail.

And if he reneges on any of it I can (and will!) sell his shit while he's in the pokey and keep the proceeds. And when he gets out he'll still owe all the original monies anyhow. Plus all additional debt accrued in the meanwhile with interest.

Today has been a very, very good day.

Aside from the time we hauled the Barkys in for mistreating their dog and disturbing the peace with the dog's incessant barking, the only time I've been in court was to pay a speeding ticket, get divorced and once when I was a kid to listen to my parents fight over who got stuck with me. So you can imagine my feelings about appearing before the bench were less than delighted. But leaving that courtroom today in a stunned, but happy daze I realized the system does work, at least sometimes, and that sticking up for myself doesn't always mean my life gets exponentially worse.

Today I got something my life has lacked until now. Today I got justice. Today the law backed up my claim that I was due what is right and fair. First time ever.

I won.

I won!!!!

Celebrating, ~LA

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