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4:01 p.m. - 2011-08-22
School Shopping

Aside from socks and underpants, and school supplies which we won't buy until the teachers provide their lists, the school shopping is FINISHED!

An easier school shopping there never was. Wolf is an easy fit. He has great taste and isn't a brand name kind of guy. The stores! Holy crow, the sales were stupid good. Of course nothing came close to the polo shirt I got for him at Kohl's the other day for $0.21. Yup, 21 cents. 70% off clearance price + $10.00 coupon = 21 cents.

Today the shirts were all around $5.00. Jeans averaged $17.00. At JC Penney and Old Navy both. Thanks to the BoGo at Payless we were out the door with two pair of sneakers for $25.35. A couple of belts and some snazzy shoelaces and a hoodie and we were finished.

Wolf's favorite item by far is the hoodie…it has built-in headphones. I kid you not. The hood laces end in ear buds. You put your iPod or whatever in the pocket and plug in. Convenient and stealthy as all hell. The label says the hoodie is machine washable too. I made Wolf promise he'd only use the ear buds where allowed like on the bus or during lunch. He giggled and said in this smirky tone, "Suuure, Mom. Only where allowed." Smart ass.

My kid had very definite ideas about the look he wants to project as he enters high school. Sort of a hipster thing. Skinny jeans seemed to be his biggest concern. No saggy, baggy, underpants-showing jeans for my boy. Nuh uh. He wanted his jeans to fit. Admirable, but a bit difficult to pull off. He has a 28" waist and a 32" inseam. We came pretty close though and I assured him the jeans would fit more snugly as he grew. Which he is doing almost visibly…like bamboo. He's about caught up to Mick already.

After serious thought Wolf opted not to get his ears pierced. He'd been back and forth about it for some months now. I was cool with whatever he chose. Earrings seem to be more of a jock/hip-hop thing he told me and he's neither. Ditto about ginormous basketball shoes. The sneakers Wolf chose were low profile. Like his jeans the sneakers fit close. Add in the snazzy laces and his feet will be seriously styling.

We talked about school and his personal style a lot as we shopped. I stressed the importance of buying clothes he felt were him. This leap into high school, regular high school, thankyouverymuch, is going to be busy and confusing enough. No need to pile on discomfort about how he looks on top of it. This was no time for him to be passive. No agreeing to something just because I'd pulled it off a clearance rack and it was a good bargain. The things he picked had to be clothes he would wear and feel good in. I'm a kind of styling person myself, but what a 48 year old mom thinks is cool might be way off from a 14 year old guy's idea of cool, so he must speak up. He did. Just the once about a tropical pink polo shirt, something I could totally see his point about. But what the hey, can't know unless I ask. Pink shirts were absolutely the done thing for guys back in the 80s.

Which seem to be making a comeback in a limited way. Colors mostly. So far no bulgy shoulder pads or acid wash denim. But women's earrings have gotten huge and funky-colored again. Lots and lots of polo shirts in garish hues. Madras and seersucker are back too, but nobody seems to be interested. The clearance racks were choked with them.

If Wolf gives me permission I'll post some pics of him in his new duds so y'all can see for yourselves how nice he looks and how handsome he is instead of just taking the word of a mom who might be demented with mother love and gushing over a kid who to others looks like a zit-splattered train wreck.

Shopped out and kicking back now, ~LA

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