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2:55 a.m. - 2011-08-21
Word Warriors!

Hey guys!

Man, do I have exciting news for you!

But there's some business we need to attend to first…namely there's been some unpleasant folk stopping by my comments recently. This, gentle readers, is a fact of life. A reality of the internet. Now whether you're my friend and object on personal grounds or whether you could give a warm handful of bile about me and just object to someone coming into someone else's cyber living room and taking a dump, the end result is the same- if you engage with the unpleasant types it ends up generating a lot of bullshit.

Like malaria-carrying mosquitoes and bacterial distress of the large intestine there doesn't seem to be any point to or benefit from the unpleasant folk, they just are. Be that as it may, I have a request: Please respect the rules of the house. One rule really. An axiom I try to live by:

'Man who fart in church sit in own pew.'

Leave it alone, my friends. Please. Don't pick the pimple.

Thanks. ~LA

Onto far more pleasant and exciting things…

My friend Terri has finished her book! Whee!

I don't ever, ever, ever mix my professional life with my blog. For one thing see above. For another this is my space where I hang out with my buds and talk about the rest of my life. Mothering, wife-ing, being sad, shooting off my mouth, celebrating, and every once in a while being helpful by way of providing a bad example. Maybe it's weird and ultimately futile, Lord knows there's plenty of white sneaker stompers out there who'd give their left ovary to cause a hit to their target's bank account, but this is an intimate place where thoughts are uncensored and friendship is expected. For every unpleasant person there's a dozen dozen nice ones. And it's you nice ones I'm talking to and asking to take a gander.


Ain't it great?

It's a terrific story. The women in Terri's story are wonderful. Not paragons or selfless fools, but each trying her best to find a meaningful and happy life. Sometimes they screw up. Sometimes they miss the obvious. Never does their love fail.

I am so happy for my friend. As I am for THIS one and THIS one.

Go. Be a mensch. Buy their books. Whopping good tales. Admirable attention to narrative and detail. Order them all in one fell swoop at Amazon and get free shipping. Give yourself a treat. Y'all know what a harsh movie critic I am, I'm a billion times harder on books. And I'm telling you every one of them is worth your time and money.

Appreciative of the support and hoping you'll offer the same to some damn talented writer friends, ~LA

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