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9:38 a.m. - 2011-07-20
A Night in the Dark Ages.

Though the temps are supposed to be 'suburb of Hell' hot later today right now it's a pleasant 68 degrees. The office windows are open, not to catch the morning cool, but because last night the power went off just after dinnertime and stayed off until after midnight. Before it went off for good the power stuttered and flickered for a while. I had enough time between stutters to turn off and/or unplug a lot of the stuff that would go goofy if repeatedly restarted like my computer, office a/c unit and (unfortunately) the window unit in my bedroom. If I'm awake when the power comes back on after a long outage I'm always pleased. Feels like a successful magic trick. "TA DA! Behold! Lights and climate control again!" However if it comes back on in the middle of the night I wake in a panic. Blaring TVs! Beeping alarm clocks! Lights in my face! GAH! Hoping to forestall a rude awakening I did my best with the shutting down. Also opened up my office early. I usually do this when I shut everything off for the night since my little cubby isn't hooked to the central air and in the morning I'd rather have the freshness from being open all night than trying to keep whatever residual coolth might be left after shutting off my rackety roaring a/c unit when I go up to bed.

Yesterday turned out a heck of a lot better than it seemed it would when I posted. Even with the power failure.

MIL sent me a nice email thanking me again for the groceries and the company.

Mick went back to the doctor's hoping to hear his spots were not related to the Lyme and thus fixable immediately. No such luck, but at least he calmed down. This morning his spots were significantly paler than yesterday so he went off to work feeling less leper/leopard-like. Actually smiled at me and gave me a nice kiss! I get anxious being around grumpy ranty people, even if they're not grumpy with me, so Mick not being all pissy and stomping around lightened my mood a lot.

Wolf was a HUGE help with the food shopping. Not only at the store either. When we got home he offered to bring it all in and put it away! Might not sound like a biggie to you but to me it was a Big Deal indeed.

See, in the usual run of things asking Wolf to do a chore is an exercise in futility. His wandering attention, complete lack of organizational skills and his klutziness usually makes more work for me. I know he has to learn how to clean and care for a house and if I don't teach him who will? But it's mighty frustrating. Takes forever to get Wolf to pick up a new skill. Add in Mick's impatience and perfectionism and it gets bad. Really bad. If Mick sees I'm fussed he starts ragging on Wolf to do things better and faster or he swoops in and demands to take over so it'll be done right and then Wolf slopes off humiliated and angry. Mick is mad because he thinks Wolf is deliberately obtuse. Wolf is mad because he thinks Mick is picking on him. And there I am stuck in the middle trying to referee and soothe hurt feelings and around and around we go. And the chore, whatever it was, is often forgotten in the melee. Sucks. Totally sucks.

So yesterday with Mick out of the house Wolf was able to take his time and do things the best as he could. He did a good job too. Not sure where everything got stashed, but the house isn't so big that stuff is lost forever. I made sure to praise and thank him a whole bunch. Wolf went off feeling accomplished and proud he did this nice thing for his mom.

It was a nice thing too. I was beat. Too much has gone on recently and it's too fricken hot and night before last I was so keyed up I got about 3 hours sleep. (Though the wakefulness gave me the opportunity to watch the entire A&E version of 'Pride and Prejudice'- the 5 hour one with Colin Firth. I'm finally seeing what the big whoop is about Jane Austen. The movie was a hoot.)

With the power off last night we all went to bed ridiculously early and after a couple chapters reading by the light of my bitty little book light I conked out and slept straight through until dawn. This is a miracle in itself, I'm one of the middle-aged midnight potty people. Going the whole night without getting up to pee was amazingly restful.

Today promises to be much easier. We have electricity. Mick is calmer and resigned to having to wade through the long recovery process. Kicking Lyme is a bitch, but I'm confident Mick's healing will go quickly, the man has the immune system of a superhero. Wolf is going to the county fair tonight with Mack. Two cool dudes at the fair on their own. It's worth giving up my own jaunt at the fair so Wolf can have this adventure. Heckle and Jeckle are gonna be Mom-free and on the prowl. They'll be fine. I've been going to fair on my own with friends since I was 11. Mack and Wolf are big bad ass 14 year olds, it's time to cut the apron strings (a little) and let my boy run free.

Well-rested and brighter of mind and spirit, ~LA

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