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1:14 p.m. - 2011-07-19
Gimping as fast as I can.

Wow, when it rains it pours.

Mick has Lyme disease. It was caught early and he's already started the antibiotics so there's that anyhow. His physical self is doing okay, but mentally it's much harder. Mick's focused his anxiety and anger on the weird hive-like welts he has all over his bod. He's repulsed. Takes no solace that the 'welts' don't itch, burn, or ooze. They're just odd flat patches of dark pink. Sort of look like leech bites. Or really evenly colored hickeys. But to Mick they are a horror. A disgusting defect. Mick loathes anything being 'on' him. Poison ivy. Bug bites. Heat rash. Hates the look of them. Mostly though I think they're just something to be mad at. Visible flaws on Superman.

So, my MIL has a broken foot. She's gone all whack-a-doo over being trapped in a cast. And her fear and anger are squirting out all sideways.

My husband has Lyme disease. He's gone all whack-a-doo over his odd pink leopard spots.

My kid is going through an emotional growth spurt and he's gone whack-a-doo over…well…everything.

Me? I haven't had time to go whack-a-doo. My poor chewed up feet are bearing the brunt of all the emotions I can't deal with right now. Too busy tending the sickies and the broken boned and the teenaged angst-ridden.

This morning I took Wolf to work-study and headed off to Shoprite to do MIL's grocery shopping. She provided a very detailed list and had a wad of labels paper-clipped to the list so it'd be easier for me to get the right stuff. Thoughtful. But you know what? Even with a list and labels food shopping for someone else is hard. My Shoprite didn't have the same varieties and brands that MIL's Shoprite carries. I had to make substitutions. Wasn't sure if they'd do or not, she'd been very specific.

Turned out okay. 98% of it was fine.

Everything else will be fine too. Hopefully sooner than later, but whatever.

Time to strap it up, get the kid from work-study and then do my own grocery shopping.

Paddling hard. ~LA

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