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1:31 a.m. - 2010-11-20
Four Pies and a Clearance Rack.

Thanks for listening to me spew. Man, without this place to offload my gah and get some kindly pats from you good people I'm certain my head would explode. I can talk with Mick, but don't think it's fair to dump all my grumps on him all the time.


I figured today couldn't possibly suck as bad as yesterday. I figured correctly. In fact some things about today were pretty darn good.

I worked on Princess's leg for a while and she's walking much easier.

Hauled my tubby buns off to Shoprite this morning and did the T-Day shopping. All except the turkey. Just didn't want to give up the fridge space for almost the whole week. I'll go back and get one on Tuesday or Wednesday. It'll be crowded and crazy then, for certain, but I just need a bird. Run in, grab, go.

I'm also hoping to get over to the farmer's market in College Town on Sunday and pick up some of GBW's fantastic chive and dill fromage blanc. I already bought some nice crackers to go with. Otherwise all the food shopping for Thanksgiving is DONE!

Mick had a half day today and Wolf did not. Privacy! A skerce commodity these days since the ex has all but disappeared out of Wolf's life. The house with no kid in it? Why, yes, we did take advantage of it, thankyouverymuch. Definitely one of the day's best-est parts.

Yesterday after my rampage at the glasses joint I was walking through JC Penney's to get back to the car and had to take a long cut around a woman pushing a stroller and chatting with an older woman who must have been her mom. Because the Christmas blitz is already upon us there's towering stacks of crap…um…nifty holiday gift items jammed in everywhere and the aisles are now rat mazes of consumer excess. The ladies with the stroller were walking maddeningly slow and there was nowhere or way to pass them. So I thought circling around them through the sales floor would be wise. Far wiser than smacking total strangers upside their heads and yelling, "YO! Some of us have lives here! You want to start walking faster…pronto! Or I swear I'll smack you again!"

My detour took me through the women's department and maddened as I was by the glasses debacle and the slow walkers I could not help but notice big shiny signs announcing everything in the clearance section was 80% off.

Of course I took a look. Most of it was nasty polyester junk, horrible bloaty tops in brain bending patterns and colors. Tops so ugly you just know the buyer was one of those neurotic size two types like Maura Kelly who think fat people are so disgusting they need to be punished with the ugliest clothing possible.

But lurking amongst the sea of ugly were a couple of things that had potential and one thing that completely bowled me over. A 3-piece suit. A lipstick red linen cropped blazer that had the coolest thick silver chain looped through gussets on the collar and lapels making it sort of a built-in necklace. The blazer was paired with plain black trousers and a simple white top that was banded around the hem with the same fabrics as the jacket and pants. All together the outfit gave off a hip S&M real estate agent vibe. Not bad. Not bad at all. Then I checked out the price. You ready?


I shit you not. How could I pass that up? Didn't bother to try on anything but the jacket. At that price the top and slacks were moot anyhow. That jacket will kill worn with a white t-shirt and jeans. Though if the pants fit it'll be a nice bonus. I've been needing something dressy/interview-ish that isn't one of my many little black dresses. There's some occasions, not many, but some, that require looking like a real estate lady with a dark side.

Made a yummy dinner tonight, butchering thick chops out a hunk of pork tenderloin. Why hadn't I thought of this before? Cuts the price per pound in half from packaged pork chops and I can slice the chops super thick so they come out of the oven nice and juicy. The guys thought they were delish. I did too.

The other uppy thing I did was invite myself to a friend's house for a week's stay in May. There's a lot of details to be worked out yet, but my friend seemed delighted by the idea and immediately declared no one would be more welcome. I'll talk about this more when things are a bit further along. I don't want to jinx anything. But color me thrilled. This is going to be quite an adventure!

Good night, lovies. ~LA

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