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12:20 p.m. - 2010-11-22
The emoticon hasn't been invented yet that describes how I feel today.

Everybody have a decent weekend? Yes? Good. Mine went pretty well, thanks.

Oh, before I forget, my email contacts got phished and now anyone I've ever sent an email to is getting Viagra spam supposedly sent by me. Personally I think my friends are smart enough to find Viagra on their own if they need it. I mean, sure, I like to be helpful but that's going too far. I apologize for the spam, have taken steps to secure my contacts, and have sent much bad mojo and evil karma the spammers' way. If you see a news story about a bunch of cyber-criminals in Nigeria or Russia (or wherever) whose fingers all fell off you know who to thank. In the meantime, PLEASE do not open any forwarded stuff that says I sent it. I never forward things or send out mass emails of any sort. EVER. Group announcements are what this blog and Facebook are for. Email is strictly for person-to-person notes, belated birthday greetings and occasionally zapping my dear ones with drunken self-pitying rambles in the middle of the night.

Thank you.

Saturday we went to see Harry Potter. Yes, I cried. A lot. And not just because my butt went numb. This is a loooooong movie. They did a competent job setting things up for the epic last movie. That is if you've read the books and know what's coming. If not, then like Mick, you'll be thoroughly confused and really bored. He knew he would be going in, so that was okay. It was more important to him that he take ME to see a movie I was gagging to get to. Mick's dedication to spoiling me is unswerving. Always a fine thing in a man, double dumbass on me for not figuring this out sooner. Like, say, 30 years ago.

(Major geek points to anyone who recognizes where the 'double dumbass' thing is from.)

Yesterday I did get over to College Town to see GBW and get some of that fab fromage blanc. It was a very chilly day and despite the inevitable loss of income when market season is over she was pretty happy she wouldn't be freezing her buns off at the outdoor venues after that day's business was finished. She and I had a good long chat about everything and anything while the kids took a break from their blasť teenagerhood and played catch and balanced on fence rails and generally horsed around like they used to as little kids. I think it was a relief to both of them that they could just relax and forget about being cool for a while. Wolf is certainly having his tussles with the thugs and from what I gather A. is having mean girl drama at her school. Oy, no amount of money or goodies to come afterward could induce me to be 13 again. 13 sucks. I'm glad Wolf and A. have the kind of friendship that transcends things like status and age awareness. When together not much has changed from the days when they made mud pies and 'swam' in watering troughs in their underpants. (Though GBW and I have a mutual agreement to keep an eye out in case that underpants thing makes a comeback, we seriously doubt they'd be making mud pies these days.)

Today Mick and I have been married for exactly a year. It's our anniversary. A weird day for me because I am VERY happy to be married to him. It's not the marriage I mind, it's the actual wedding. Or lack thereof. Frankly the day Kennedy was shot is a shit anniversary. (Not as bad as Mick's nephew's birthday- Sept 11.) Also I swore I'd never have my wedding anniversary all tumbled into the holidays as my previous anniversary with Mike was. (Dec 18th) But it is. Far from being the stand-alone pleasure and celebration I'd hoped it'd be, our anniversary is forever crammed into Thanksgiving week on a semi-official day of mourning. Whoo.

A day a beloved President got his brains blown out and this formerly great nation began its slide into being the second-rate, pridefully ignorant, back-assward mess it is today where Fox News brainwashed unemployed people with no health insurance demand that billionaires get more tax cuts and the rollback of the tiny bit of a health safety net they'll ever get. A place where 1% of the people own 25% of the income and the ignorant redneck flat-earthers think that's just dandy, better than fine because look-ee here! They, the stupid and the mean are stopping Obama! They're stopping him from improving education! They're stopping him from enacting nuclear treaties! They're stopping him from fixing the economy! YAY! We win! We win! Guess we showed you elitist lib-tards how real Americans can get-r-dun!

Yup, well done, Cleatus. Guess you taught me to think again that being literate and having all of my teeth was something to be proud of. See ya at President Palin's inaugural book burning.

Anyhoodle, sorry again for the spam. I know it wasn't intentional on my part, but I still feel guilty about it.

Much love, ~LA

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