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12:07 p.m. - 2010-10-05
Home and Well

The funniest thing about yesterday was when describing my problems with previous procedures and especially my horrors with anesthesia each time the person I was speaking to would ask where it had been done. When I named the place (another nearby hospital) every single one of them sniffed and said, "Huh! No wonder!" The inter-hospital rivalry runs deep. I must say the staff at St Elsewhere has good cause to be prideful about their service and excellent quality of care, they did for me very, very well. At no time was I treated like a number, an inconvenience, or hysteric.

The start time for my surgery was delayed and delayed, but not from incompetence or disorganized boobery, the doc was running late because the woman being operated on ahead of me had unexpected complications. Not that they could tell me anything specific, patient privacy was protected, but so I'd be in the loop as to what was going on.

Mick got to be with me the whole time before and after, which was also a huge comfort.

As far as the dreaded anesthesia went I had no problems. I ended up having a general anyhow, but I went to sleep and woke up easily. Obviously at the time I wasn't in any position to ask for specifics, but during my post-op check-up next week I will ask what had been used and should there ever be a need to put me under again I'll insist it be done the same way.

The doctor said a few of the polyps were unexpectedly ugly and he's sent them off to be tested, results by Thursday am the latest, but I'm not too worried. Everything else has been benign, there's really no reason to get torqued now. He's just being thorough, which is a good thing in a doctor.

Today my abs are sore and I'm still pretty tired, but am not in any hellacious pain and the bleeding is minimal. If this skerce bit of fluid is what I can expect with my cycle from now on then the whole thing (the scares, the delays, the alarms, the repeated tests, the surgery itself) was absolutely worth it. Without getting too gross let's just say that what I've got now is a faucet with a slow drip as compared to the Niagara Falls I had previously. It's that much of a change. The doc said I might not bleed at all with some cycles. A miracle. I might even be able to donate blood again now that I'm not subject to menstrual anemia. Something that would make me very happy. I'm 3 gallons in and think I'm probably good for a couple more before I get too old to be a good donor.

I'm grateful to all of you. Your friendship and good wishes and thoughtfulness are such a boon! I don't want to get all schmoopy here, but when I think how it was for me not so many years ago and how lucky I am now, the happiness is so big it hurts.

Comfortable and mending well, ~LA

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