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3:49 p.m. - 2010-10-08
HA HA! on you, trolls!

Another emotional roller coaster. All is well, though, so I'll deal.

The surgeon was being inadvertently coy about giving me my biopsy results. Phone tag. Emergencies on his part. He's just one guy- who knows how many anxious patients, etc, etc, need his attention? The office staff was just plain rude however. Indulging in the most repellant CYA baloney and "Who gives a shit? It's not MY problem" crappola. Finally some confirmation that I do NOT have cancer and that at worst I might have to go in after the new year for another polyp removal despite the ablation. The doc, who has many patients to serve, was doing his best. The asshole, entitled, early 20-something "I hate my job and should be handed everything on a platter because I am so fucking special" twits who (occasionally) answer the phones and sign in patients at the office need to be slapped until they get a clue.

But in the end, all is well. I can breathe again. Mick burst into tears of relief at work and had zero embarrassment about it (as it should be, why be shamed by good news?) And The Sage will be here for many, many more years to come, being my aggravating, whoopsy-doodle self and pissing my trolls right the hell off.

Soooo sorry, you hateful twerps who've been rooting for me to have something horrible and maybe even (oh please, please!) die. Hey, I've heard you, you awful creeps. You with your tiny envious bitter souls and your miserly hearts. Think on this, if I left this plane who would you have to scorn and wish ill on? Whose misfortunes would you gloat over? You'd have to find someone else to hate on and hold to some ridiculous impossible moral standard that you yourselves don't adhere to, but feel more than entitled to lay on me. Just because I don't acknowledge you much or bother to speak to you directly very often doesn't mean I can't hear you. Your cowardly digs and slams and slurs in my comments are the least of your poison. Why you've chosen me to be the focus of your pathetic nonsense is of no importance. I'm of little consequence in the grand scheme, but even the lowliest of dogs have their parasites, and you're mine, so I guess I'm stuck with you. This lowly dog would just like you to understand that I've been hurt and betrayed by experts, your silly sniping from the sidelines is simply sad and a bit giggle-worthy. If this is the best you can do, then please understand that your efforts mean less than a fart in a windstorm.

In the meantime, those who love me, and they are many and more than I ever hoped for or dared dream of, will be relieved to know the biopsies came back clean.

Happy dancing on this beautiful autumn afternoon, ~LA The Benign Sage

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