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1:35 p.m. - 2010-07-23
Jazz Hands for Everybody!

It's amazing how much you can get done in a few hours.


Made coffee.
Had a nice chat with son, reminded him to tell bus driver he won't be going to school on Monday. (I insisted Wolf take a mental health day. The boy needs a do-nothing free summer day, desperately.)
Read the news online.
Walked the dog.
Worked on WIP.
Dressed in dopey workout clothes.
Put iPod to charge.


Went to the gym.
Weight trained for 40 mins. (Upped weight and reps for ab workout!)
Did an easy 19 minute mile on the treadmill. (No record setting today, my knee hurt.)
Decided the scale at the gym was in league with the Devil and/or Dick Cheney. (Is there a difference?)
Convoyed to Podunkville with MIL.
Paddled around the farmer's market in a nifty refreshing downpour. (Really, it was better than melting in the horrible heat.)
Bought: 2qts of white peaches, garlic stuffed olives, marinated mushrooms, tomatoes, 15 ears of sweet corn, a fab baguette, wee tender yellow squash, and a pungent wavy cluster of fresh mushrooms that looked like a cross between coral and a sea anemone.
Said good-bye to MIL.
Moved the car across the village to the municipal lot and paddled off into the rain again.
Bought a birthday gift.
Got cheap vodka (for me) and 2 bottles of Argentinean white wine to bring to the birthday party.
Came home.

11:30 to present:

Hauled in loot.
Found homes for most of it, abandoned corn on the counter, no room anywhere else.
Had a chat with the man. (Who was naked and there was as much nibbling and smooching as there was talking.)
Fetched newspaper and mail.
Walked the dog.
Checked in on FB, email, blogs.
Made lunch: Sautéed the wavy mushrooms in butter w/a teeny bit of garlic salt. Sliced and toasted baguette with a layer of muenster cheese. Loaded cheesy bread with warmed sliced roast beef and sautéed mushrooms and pressed into sandwiches. Fed panini to husband (who was no longer naked, darn it all) and happily watched as he had several foodgasms.
Sliced remaining piece of baguette and sopped up mushroom butter from pan and again fed to husband. Giggled while he made rapturous yummy noises.
Assisted husband with kitchen clean-up.

And here I am. Feeling rather pleased with myself and quite accomplished.

What else?

Thanks to the rain the air has cooled enough to have the windows open and I'm digging the fresh breeze and bird song.

Got the results of my Pap smear and all is well. Polyp farm should be similarly benign. YAY!

The clean-up and fence building with the remains of the arborvitae is coming along nicely. Mick and Wolf are doing a kick-ass job with it.

For the nonce I'm at the top of the leader board for Bejeweled Blitz, which is somewhat reconciling me to my poor showing at Wordscraper and getting yet another spanking by Miss Steph- Word Meister Extraordinaire.

Got silly last night and watched 3 straight hours of 'Doogie Howser MD' on Hulu.

The County Fair opened Wednesday. Wolf's going with his father tomorrow night and we'll take him again sometime next week. The fair is one of my ultimate happy things to do. Why? Who knows? Fair food? The petting zoo? The wee circus? The people watching? The 4-H kids with their crops and animals? The quilts and crochet work? A ride on the ferris wheel? Chatting with the Bee Guy and buying fresh honey? Native American dancers? Motorcycle daredevils? Pig races? Chainsaw artists? Perhaps it's just that the county fair is one of the few carry-overs from my childhood that has no sad tinge, just the memory of sweetness and fun. In any case I'm already dorking out with glee over it.

It's all good.

Much love from Uppy Time, ~LA

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