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9:03 a.m. - 2010-07-20
He's a beauty.

Good morning! Salutations! Bienvenue!

(I'm not really cheery, it's a fake it 'til you make it thing. Go with me on this, 'kay?)

A quick word about yesterday's post. I agree, it's just fine to look back on some things in the past with warm and happy nostalgia. Statue tag, the ice cream truck, first kisses, yadda, yadda. Even in a crappy childhood like mine there were good things and I remember them gladly. What gets me with so much of the round-robin 'Good Old Days' stuff is the not so subtle implication that everything was wonderful back then and that it's desirable and necessary to turn back the clock. In other words: Take back America. When I hear that odious phrase it sets my blood to boiling. Rallying cry for those hypocritical, often homophobic, usually racist Tea Partiers. Yeah, yeah, 'take back' America from those uppity brown people, the uppity women, those nefarious gays with their agenda, those dangerous smart people, and those horrible secularists who have the temerity to want a Jesus-free government. Faugh! So when folks start waxing wistful about how good things used to be I feel compelled to step in with a reality check. That's all.

Moving right along then.

I had a pelvic ultra-sound yesterday. As suspected there's many, many wee nasties growing in there. Got a regular polyp and fibroid farm going on. No immediate word on what should be done about it, but my money is on some sort of surgery before the leaves fall. S'okay by me. Slice it, sizzle it, scrape it, pull it out entirely. I'm cool. Anything that'll help with the bi-monthly gore fest and pain extravaganza.

Besides, there's one thing I am absolutely certain ofI am never, ever, ever having another kid.

See this?

That's my baby and having gotten him this far along it's for damn sure I've no interest in starting all over with a new one.

Yes, I know some of you have seen this pic already, but Wolf's lifting the ban on posting pics of him is only a partial one, he retains final say-so and he's already green lighted this pic. There will probably be more soon as he gets the hang of making his hair pointy and wants to show off his prowess with the hair gel.

I'm trying to steer him away from the faux-hawk thing. I honestly don't know when looking like Tin Tin became the 'In' thing, but I think it looks dopey. Not as dopey as that sideways hat business. Nothing is stupider than that.

"Hyuk! I'm too brain-dead to know how to put on a hat and damn proud of it! Hur hur hur!"

My god, deliberately cultivating a look that pegs your IQ in the single digits? Yeah boy, that's the ticket! I know my kid somehow manages to make a propeller hat look sort of cool, but there'd be no saving him if he turned that sucker sideways. I'd kill him with my bare hands. And have told him so. I can deal with the plaid old man shorts. The Axe reek. The pants jewelry. The patent-leather sneakers. Green hair. Pointy green faux-hawk hair if I have to. But a sideways hat? Never.

The Mom has spoken.

Taking my own oddly colored pointy hair off to the gym now. ~LA

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