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8:57 a.m. - 2010-03-05
Through an IMAX looking glass.

Before I get crucified for being terminally needy or something I'll put up a quick entry to get past the last one. But please let me say objects in monitor appear smoother than in real life. Perhaps my overweening vanity wouldn't allow me to post really honest pics or the magic of pixilation is just kind. Trust me, the crow's feet and turkey neck are there.

Anyhoodle, after a hiatus for last week's blizzard we went back to dance lessons last night. We can't tango or foxtrot worth a diddly damn, but we can waltz. Most of the time anyhow, provided we decide beforehand exactly how many box steps and how many change steps we're doing. By the end of lesson we could usually box and change smoothly enough to make a circuit of the studio. Which, btw, has mirrors on 3 walls. Full length mirrors. A hell box of mirrors that I've learned to ignore most of the time, though at the beginning of each lesson I am surprised anew by my height. You'd think my being up at this elevation since my 13th birthday that I'd have twigged it by now, but aside from a few reminders like strangers asking me to reach down things from upper shelves in grocery stores for them and remembering to duck my head when going through doorways in historic buildings (especially colonial era ones, wow the founding mothers and fathers were little!) I forget that yeah, I am really this tall.

Tomorrow we're having our monthly splurge. Budget concerns being what they are it's no trick to run out of money when there's still plenty of month left, so we've been trying to plan out at least one nice treat well in advance, both so's we can make sure there's money for it and for the pleasure of looking ahead when things are pinched and we're scraping along. The big utility bill put a crimp in the budget this month, as did replacing the food that spoiled while the power was off after the storm. But all work and no play…

So tomorrow we're off early to the gigantic ugly mall. On the docket- tickets to 'Alice in Wonderland' at the IMAX 3-D if we can score some, if not then 'Alice' in the regular theater where it's showing every 20 minutes or so on about 10 screens. The gigantic ugly mall's theater has 21 screens as well as the IMAX, I'm sure I'll get to see the movie in some form or another even on a wintry opening weekend when everyone from the tri-state area will be there trying to do the same thing. To go with our movie there's lunch at the conveyor belt sushi place and probably tempura shrimp. I know conveyor belt sushi is considered really low-rent in Japan, and the sushi offered at this place is very much geared to American tastes too, what with Philadelphia rolls and California rolls, and Yankee Delights, and all sorts of other goodies that would make a true sushi aficionado fall down dead with disgust. But we like it just fine. It's a treat for us and one of the few things I cannot/will not make at home.

LA learns to make sushi, LA stops getting treated to lunch out. Happens all the time. Why go out for Italian when my eggplant parm and lasagna are so much better and Mick can eat all he wants? Ditto fajitas, tacos, omelets, German specialties, cooked seafood (hellooo scallops), American classics, and most everything else. I absolutely refuse to learn to make most Asian food, though I do fart around with tempura on occasion. Going out for Asian food is my thing and I won't do myself the disservice of learning to make my favorites better and cheaper than restaurant food. Between Mick being able to eat his body weight in whatever is on the table and my own parsimony and guilty conscience I'd end up cooking myself right out of one of the few things we still go out to eat for.

Speaking of foodie things, the local avians have become downright nasty if they don't get as much seed as they want. If I am late or forget to throw seed out for them they fly into my office windows screaming like kamikaze. "KRAAAWK!" Thud! "SCREEEE!" Wham! It's crazy. I don't bother slogging out to where the feeders are, I just pitch the seed out the back door and the birds are happy enough to entertain me by coming right up to the house to get it. Win-win. They eat and I get to watch their antics and laugh myself silly.

Mick got all huffy the other day looking out at the show. "There's squirrels eating some!!!"
I shrugged. "So?"
Grump, huff, growl. "It's bird seed!" Snort, harrumph.
I laughed. "You goof! I put out seed to feed the hungry! Squirrels gotta eat too, you know. Besides, the birds get plenty and when they want to they drive the squirrels off. Who am I? Lord High God of Bird Seed? 'Thou birds shall eat-est of the seed, but thou squirrels cannot!' A winter starved critter is a winter starved critter. I'm not the one to say who's allowed to eat and who has to starve."
Mick gave me that misty-eyed look he does when he thinks I'm being especially earth motherly and patted my shoulder. "Baby, you're the only person I know who's ever said anything nice about squirrels."

Perhaps I'm nice to squirrels because I am such a nut.

Anyone else ticked off that Johnny Depp has once again managed to completely obliterate his Depp-ness for his role in 'Alice'? His Mad Hatter is even worse than his Willy Wonka. Sheesh.

Depp-deprived, but looking forward to the movie anyhow, ~LA

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