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9:21 a.m. - 2007-04-13
Taking a bold step.

Before I proceed with today's yadda, both Mick and I thank you for all the well-wishing and happiness from you guys. It means so much. Also appreciated is the stunning lack of criticism, well-intentioned cautions and the usual negative bloviating from the anti-fan club. You guys rock and we are grateful for such good friends (and tactful enemies). ~LA

In today's episode: Mick meets Wolf.

This above all else is the ultimate sign of trust on my part. Wolf met Dish once, but this was just quirky happenstance thanks to odd timing. Tonight's meeting was deliberate and done with the intention of establishing a real relationship between son and boyfriend. Y'all know I'm not a one to casually drag men through my son's life, Mick knows this too, and he was flattered, humbled and happy to meet my boy.

Like mother like son, Wolf thinks Mick is great. At Mick's suggestion we took Wolf to Chuck E Cheese, so already he scored major cool points with my kid. I never go near the Rat house except under duress (ie: a birthday party) and here is Mom's new friend taking us there voluntarily on a school night. Actually it was an inspired choice in one other way, Wolf was so busy feeding tokens into the machines Mick and I had plenty of time to talk and steal the occasional kiss. Mick thinks Wolf is a delight. Mannerly, well-spoken, direct, funny and smart as a whip. "It's easy to see where he gets it from, hon. You are some kind of fantastic mother."


So things just keep falling into place. At one point Mick beamed and said his mother was going to be crazy for Wolf. He tipped me a wink and assured me our babysitter troubles were over. Cart before the horse? Nope. We've both stopped even questioning the speed and ease of this thing. So no, it didn't seem odd in the least that Wolf has a ready-made grandma waiting off-stage. Having met the woman I know she'll be all kinds of good with and for my son. She raised one hell of a son herself, you know? Besides it pleases Mick to think about giving his parents a grandchild, even a half-grown quasi-grandchild in the form of his girlfriend's son. He and his ex never got around to having kids (in 12 years of marriage) and the one actual grandkid provided by Mick's sister is a strapping 18 year old who's leaving for college in the fall. The woman still has a whole lot of cookie baking, Crazy 8's playing, Disney watching, knock-knock joke telling to do and my lucky kid is just the one to do it with.

After dinner Mick's phone jingled alerting him to a voice mail. He checked it and it was a message from a former lover. Emphasis on former, their brief romantic relationship had mellowed into friendship years ago. He told me who'd called and I asked if he needed to call her back now. No? Okay, when he did speak to Margie he was to please tell her I was looking forward to meeting her. Mick practically shuddered with relief. Then he burst out with, "Do you have any idea how incredible you are? Any other woman would have gone nuts. I'd have had to lie and cover stuff up and felt cruddy and sneaky about having a damn friend."

I snorted and patted his arm. "Honeybun, you listen to me. I've been lied to and scammed my whole life. I will ALWAYS want the truth over a lie. You were upfront about the deal with Margie from the start and I appreciate that. You've given me no reason to doubt you or be jealous. I think it's good you're not enemies with every woman you've ever been involved with. Shows you have class. You had a life before I came on the scene and I'd be a selfish fool to expect you to stop being friends with your pals or to give up the stuff you like to do. So yes, I expect you to continue to power lift and mountain bike and visit your grandma and take your VW to car shows and maintain your friendships. Frankly I have no intention of giving up any of my friends and stuff either. Fair is fair." Then I cut him a sly look and added, "Besides, meeting Margie is my way of hiking my leg on you. I'm smart and trusting and a real grown-up but it doesn't mean I'm not above marking my territory. You know darn well she's going to fall down dead when she gets a load of me."

What? It's true. I fear no woman these days. Not even chihuahuas. ~LA

We have a new feature here at the Sage Page! Diabetics, cranks and cynics be warned.

The Schmoop of the Day: We have decided I Don't Want To Miss A Thing is 'our' song. So deliciously trite. So revoltingly obvious. Wretchedly ooey-gooey. So completely uncool Aerosmith has never included it on any of their own albums. Had to buy the Armageddon soundtrack. Truth!

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