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7:46 p.m. - 2007-04-08
The chick in the glass slippers can rule the world.

LA the pixie princess.

I keep looking at the pics with amazement and doing silly things like standing behind him while he's shaving, looking at us in the mirror and getting the giggles over how effectively I disappear behind his broad body. To be sure I'm taller, but damn if I'm not a twig. A long tall twig. Me, the oaf. The huge galumphing she-hulk. The one Mike insisted was too gigantic to ever be sexy, pretty and feminine. Yet, here I am swimming in Mick's shirts. Being scooped up and carried as though I were an eiderdown. Watching my fingers turn into matchsticks when he takes my hand in his. Oh lordy be, my man has gifted me with frailty.

Though he acknowledges my strength, he treats me like a china doll. A delicate treasure. Another dream come true. I am a real girl at last.

Hey, everybody has their secret dreams. Though I've never made much of a secret of mine. Too jagged and raw from a lifetime of insensitive comments and deliberate cuts about my outré size and my supposed big bad assness. LA the Ogre. And now I am a spun glass princess. My beyond buff paladin (who made the bouncers at the Irish bar rethink their gym time) shivers with delight over my erudition, is awestruck by my insight, is ferociously proud of all of my talents, and never fails to respect my competency and will, is dead dog gone over my tiny little girl self. People, the man painted my toenails this afternoon and thanked me for the privilege.

I know, right? Has there ever been a better match?

Yesterday's pic, btw, was taken at the Hawk's Nest, a fantabulous twisty winding road which snakes along a high, high bluff above the Delaware River. It's one of my places, a powerful wonderful place which Mick had known about but had never really paid attention to before. The pic was taken by a lovely young man who'd been happy enough to do it when Mick asked him to at my urging. When we first pulled off onto the summit turn-out I signed the lovers' wall with my ever ready Sharpie, something Mick got a total kick out of. I shot some long river views while Mick marveled over the drop and how the cliff behind us was home to some of the most tenacious trees in the world. Clinging to the shale cliff face on the narrowest of ledges, the trees are both hopeful and tough. Icicles still decorated the cliff face too, mocking the swollen buds and first hint of green fuzz on the trees. He laughed out loud when my prediction of how now that we had stopped others would join us came true. I shrugged and said people were instinctual herd animals. All it takes is a leader and the others fall in line readily and without question. He shook his head and said it was his good fortune to have hooked up with a leader rather than one of the sheep. "Baby, what are you going to do when you take over the world?" I mocked him back and asked why I'd want it in the first place. In all seriousness he said, "Because with you running things it would be Paradise."

Right now I don't care about the whole world, just being in the world of two is A-okay with me.

Happy Easter, ~ The Spun Sugar Princess

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