Tell me all about it, dear...

Deb - 2014-11-14 21:02:04
Sweetie this so breaks my heart. I have sad holiday stories myself (post divorce). You know I will come north (or you can come south) any time you want a little extra festivity.
momzonroof - 2014-11-14 21:30:27
even through the blinding pain of estrangement, it's apparent how much you love your family, or just family period. All those Mike's-family memories that you took the time to notice and remember, those are important to Wolf, write 'em up, wrap 'em in a bow and give them to the guy who appreciates them
Joan - 2014-11-14 21:40:11
Honest to God, if I lived close, I'd be sharing Thanksgiving with you. Holidays are so rough when there's family drama.
GBW - 2014-11-15 00:33:41
I just had the shit conversation with A. that the holidays won't be happening with all the crap going down around here. If you want to hang out with a tired farmer I am your girl cuz my kid is going to head off to boyfriend house and I will be floating around wondering how I got here
Terri T. - 2014-11-24 20:04:17
Sorry to hear that the holiday grinches are alive and well again. I hope you take GBW up on her asking to come visit. Sounds like you could both use a good long chat. I'm headed to some brother and sister-in law's house this year. At least it's somewhere to go. Although they won't offer me any leftovers....
hil - 2014-11-25 06:59:07
Hey! You wanna come up to Albany for thanksgiving do-over on Saturday? For reals! You know my family from the wedding. I'll message you on FB.

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