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4:06 a.m. - 2013-06-27
A nice plateau.

Except for taking Wolf to his counselor and making a pot roast for dinner tomorrow there's nothing on my To-Do list. Stuff I'd like to do, sure, but nothing absolutely necessary. No Big Important Things which would preclude me from staying up into the wee s'mas writing a blog post.

Got the All Clear from the cardiologist. My heart sounds as strong as a race horse's. Lungs are clear. He ordered up an echocardiogram and a complete blood panel so I can have them in my file and the next time some alarmist spazzes out about a wonky EKG I can flourish my stupidly healthy numbers and sonic pictures of my wickedly healthy heart and smirk. Works for me. I'll get the tests done for the smirk value.

The edema is from bad veins. A DNA giftie from the maternal side. My grandmother and my mother both had disgusting varicose veins and RLS and cankles and phlebitis, that I should escape wholly unscathed was a million-to-one shot. So. My left leg gets puffy when the weather's hot and I've spent too much time on my feet. BFD. My blood pressure is still high for me but still well within the normal range. Perhaps having a studier blood supply to my brain isn't such a bad thing. Anyhow I'm working on getting my mind serene and heathy-ing up my diet because at 50 it seems prudent.

The kid had a meh birthday. Delighted with the loot. Had a dinner at Five Guys and a Walmart shopping spree with his old mom. Cake with me and Mick in the festooned dining room. Presents from other rellies are still trickling in. Cash, video games, gift cards, snarky t-shirts. But a big blow-out with a pile of friends at a cool venue? Nope. Not this year.

By far his favorite present was a tattoo sleeve. Bought it at a costume shop. Honestly? It looks scarily real in person. Real enough that I got dirty looks from other moms and some young people at a nearby table were discussing it while we had dinner.

Wolf feels his lack of authoritative adult markings most keenly. No whiskers. Very little body hair. No muscles. The voice is deep but mine is deeper before I've had my morning coffee. The faux tattoos make him feel like a badass. Good deal.

One more thing about Wolf's 16th birthday before I move on. This coming weekend was supposed to be a visit with his brother and a belated celebration. Wolf was really stoked. He doesn't see his brother very often and for good or ill Alex is his only sibling. Raise your hand if you're surprised to hear Alex blew him off today. Nobody? Yeah, me neither. Even their father is embarrassed by Alex's callousness and is struggling to make it up to Wolf with a visit to a water park and the go-kart track on Saturday. You know, turning his back on me is one thing but treating his little brother like garbage is quite another. Perhaps we might stave off climate catastrophe if we sent Alex to the North Pole to re-freeze the polar ice cap, he could do it, he's that fucking cold.

Mick is actually listening to his bod and has taken the downtime necessary to heal up from this latest bout of Lyme disease. Mick twigged it finally that roaring and barging around wasn't going to make the Lyme back down. He's been resting and eating right. YAY!

The toilet is fixed. Don't ask. It's a state secret. But it's done and the well is safe.

I have many thoughts about the defeat of DOMA and the striking down of Prop 8. And the suspicious timing of those verdicts hard on the heels of gutting the Voting Rights Act, but the hour draweth late even for me.

So, good night, friends. Sweet dreams. ~LA

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