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4:43 p.m. - 2012-12-10
It's beginning to look a lot like...

BLAM! Just like that I am full Christmas dork mode. One- Because it's the season for it. Two- My bod finally feels healed from its various complaints and ailments. Three- The ex actually paid the child support so instead of the skerce (but still happy) holiday we'd been anticipating I got to get my shopping on today. And, friends, I shopped.

Okay, I went nuts at the Dollar Store and Rite-Aid. Not exactly a spree on Rodeo Drive but certainly enough of a goodie haul for me. Stocking stuffers. Wrapping paper. A couple of Christmassy lapel pins. A pine scented candle. A gem of a Christmas card for MIL. Seriously, like the card company came up with THE card just for her. At Rite-Aid all their Christmas stuff was already half-price so I bought lights and a very pretty painted glass Christmas tree to put on my desk. But the best thing? I solved our kitten problem!

See, we'd been stalling around putting up the tree for two reasons. The place where the tree usually goes is now occupied by Wolf's ginormous TV. It's a big herky old school thing about the size of a washing machine. No flat screen at Casa Sage (yet...shhh), this lumbering contraption was a hand-me-down from the wretched ex when the elderly Magnavox went to TV heaven last year. The big herky thing doesn't fit in my TV armoire so it sits on its own clunky stand in the other corner of the living room. If we entertained more often I'd have probably bestirred myself to do something about it sooner, but since the living room is Wolf's almost all the time the gigantic dopey TV he plays his games on is almost a moot issue. Or was until very recently when the "Where the hell do we put the tree now?" thing came up.

Then there's the kitten thing. Wolf's kitten is in its unholy terror phase. Tear-assing around the house pouncing, clawing, climbing. A completely normal stage in a cat's development, a royal pain in the patoot if there's a Christmas tree involved.

Not wanting to give up my precious glass ornaments to the predations of the kitten, nor wanting to deal with the kitten up the tree a dozen times a day and the mayhem of tip-overs, bent branches, dislodged lights, etc, etc we've been debating and waiting. Then today I solved it with one purchase. The TV armoire had been standing empty. Built to hold electronics the armoire has a discrete hole in the back to pass electrical cords through, plus it has solid doors in the front to hide whatever is within (which is why I bought it in the first place, I dislike a living room dominated by a TV). So. I saw this at Rite-Aid and having purchased many of my own scraggly real tree versions of my own over the years I thought it was perfect. HERE

The little Charlie Brown Tree is now safely inside the TV armoire. When we want to look at the tree and the lights Wolf hung up to decorate the inside of the armoire all we have to do is open the doors, the rest of the time the armoire is shut tight and the kitten cannot wreak its kittenish rampage of destruction. Bonus! The little tree has a hidden music box that plays the dancing music from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' so I can do the Snoopy dance any old time I want to!

Now really, how cool is this?

I asked my bemused son's opinion...

"What do you think, kid? Dorky or fun?" Wolf, sweetheart that he is, lovingly patted me on the head as I chortled over my dopey yet clever solution to the Christmas tree dilemma. "It's both, Mom. Just like you."

I concur.

Dorky and fun and full of Christmas giddiness, ~LA

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