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1:07 p.m. - 2012-09-13
Fan Love!!!

It's the damnedest thing, when I get up in the morning my feet hurt. Taking those first couple of steps out of the bed really smart! It's so dopey. Why would my feet hurt after I've been off them all night? Must be one of those old people things.

Speaking of which, Mick and I were sitting on the stoop after dinner yesterday and I asked him to check the back of my head for grey hair. I was concerned I might be growing one of those grey-on-top-brown-in-the-back color mullets. He said my silver was coming in evenly. Whew! Of course it's still 99% brown (dammit all) but the rapidity of the encroaching grey is pleasing. With a stupidly thick mop like mine though even at this pace it'll be at least five or six years before I can honestly claim to be a silver. Crud.

Despite how much I like my new grey highlights I asked Mick if he'd prefer I dyed it. I'd gotten into a tizz because he's taking his '57 to a classic car show this Saturday and there will be A LOT of his school people and his car show buddies there. Most of whom I've never met. I've gotten so fat and frumpy and old looking this year and I didn't want him to be embarrassed to introduce me. I hated the idea of his co-workers and car show pals looking from me to Mick and thinking, "WTF, dude? You married this tubby old cow? Is she rich or something?" When Mick pried it out of me why I was so tweaked he was horrified. Dumbfounded I could be believing such low things about myself and sad that I was thinking he was anything but proud of me. Didn't I get it? He's delighted by and proud of me always. I am the love of his life. Anyway, I'd be beautiful to him even if I weighed 400lbs and was bald as an egg. I am forever his precious girl. And so fucking what I'd put on some weight? Age wasn't doing any of us any favors, look at him- his beard is as white as Santa Claus's. Not one more word of this kind of crap out of me. Just stop it. Right now. Then to lighten the mood he challenged me to name one person who'd gotten better looking after 50. I thought on it and said, "Susan Sarandon." Startled, Mick laughed and agreed. "But, Baby, she was fricken weird looking to begin with. She couldn't help but improve with age."

To that end I am introducing Mick to 'Rocky Horror' this weekend. At home on dvd, I seriously doubt he could handle the midnight show experience. He's never seen it. Complete virgin. In fact I had the soundtrack on the boom box the other day and he asked what the heck I was listening to. I gawped at him. Was there really someone of our generation who didn't recognize 'The Time Warp'? Great Scott!

Also in the realm of cult classics Mick is totally jazzed because Julie Adams is going to be at Chiller this year. Who the hell is Julie Adams? And what the heck is Chiller? Firstly, Julie Adams was the female lead in 'The Creature From The Black Lagoon'. Mick's ultimate, absolute favorite movie. His den is a shrine to it. He has dozens of Creature collectables. Some are quite valuable. He has original lobby cards and posters. His collection of Gil-Man action figures is like the third best and most complete in the world. The only things he doesn't have are the 'Black Lagoon' pinball machine and the Creature aquarium bubbler. (*Anyone who has one regardless of condition and is willing to sell I'd love to surprise Mick with one. Drop me an email. Thanks!) Mick has met and gotten autographs from Ben Chapman and Ricou Browning- the two men who played the Creature. Ben on land and Ricou did the underwater bits. He does have Julie Adams's autograph- one on a poster and the other an autographed copy of her autobiography, but he's never met her in person. And now she's coming to Chiller.

Chiller, you ask? It's a fan convention. Held twice a year in the wilds of New Jersey, Chiller is mostly a convention for horror fans. There's some slop over into sci-fi too. And the last few years there have been some additions to the line-up from other non-horror cult faves. Chiller is where I've gotten to meet three of the six Brady kids. And the Sweathogs. (RIP: Robert Hegyes and Ron Palillo.) Plus a few dozen other famous folk. Actors and musicians who might not be the biggest stars in the sky, but it's still been my honor and delight to meet them in the flesh and thank them for the joy their work has given me. I'm no stiff-neck. Being able to shake hands with Marcia Wallace and give Mickey Dolenz a hug was amazing. I've gotten to see Ernest Borgnine and Henry Winkler and Val Kilmer. Alan Ruck is a sweetheart, as is Candy Clark. I went stuttering and stupid trying to tell Lita Ford how The Runaways' badass take-no-prisoners music helped give me the chops to be smart and fierce in another male dominated industry (selling cars). It was my pleasure to tell Jason Mewes and Brian O'Halloran how the 'Clerks' movies made me pee myself laughing.

Sure, I could pretend to be cynical and too cool to gawk and gasp, but who would I be impressing with my indifference? These supposed hacks, has-beens, Z-listers, and whatevers, their work has given me something. An artist is an artist is an artist. And they deserve all the thanks and recognition dorks like me give them. If we only fete and celebrate the super-duper-est what good is it? I totally regret that I didn't have time to get a hug from Caroll Spinney at Chiller 2009. The man who's been Big Bird all of my life isn't special enough? Right.

So what that these fan conventions are a money-spinner and ego-stroke for folks whose claims to fame have flamed out or whose flames weren't all that bright to begin with? Haven't they still written that book, sung that song, did their bit in that movie or TV show? Of course.

Sorry, I sound defensive. Not my intention. I just want you guys to understand how much I appreciate the opportunity to thank people who've added to my life with their work, their art. To make a connection, no matter how brief and even if it comes with a price tag, and let these folks know their stuff matters.

Because, really, isn't that what we all want? To know we've made a difference? That someone else is better off for you having been here? To me it is. I'll bet if you're honest with yourselves you'll say so too. Call it the George Bailey effect.

Clarence: "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

Now this October's Chiller is going to be a doozy. Besides Mick filling out his 'Creature' collection I am going to have an insanely good time. Take a good look at this list. HERE.

This is some seriously cool shit, right?

Ignore the Kirk Hammett. Okay, not really. I plan on standing in line for hours if needs be to meet a member of Metallica. *Side note: If Lars Ulrich was there I'd DIE. After Ringo he is my absolute favorite drummer of all time. At least the ones still alive. John Bonham, Keith Moon and Karen Carpenter are all gone...sigh.* Anyhoodle, did you see who's on this list?

You tell me how I could possibly pass up the chance to meet some of these folk?

Penny Marshall alone will have me plotzing with fan joy. Besides her acting, her directing is as sweet and wonderful as her brother Garry's.

Valerie Harper? I've been a Rhoda my entire life!

Eric Shea? Phillip North from 'Yours, Mine and Ours'? And brother to Christopher and Stephen Shea? The voices of Linus in all the really good Charlie Brown specials?

The Livingston brothers? Barry and Stanley? You know, Chip and Ernie Douglas from 'My Three Sons'? Ernie Douglas was my very first love. His buck teeth and geeky glasses made my heart do handsprings.

David Harris? 'Cochise' from 'The Warriors'? Those who have been in my office and/or seen my cover photo on FB can attest to my love of 'The Warriors'.

Gads, I could go on and on and on. But for any doubters or skeptics left out there I have only three words...

Anthony Michael Hall

Come October 28th I'm gonna get my fan geek on. Whee! I'm going to hug (and possibly kiss) Farmer Ted! ~LA

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