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10:19 a.m. - 2012-07-14
Laundry Origami

Funny how some things turn out. MIL's having some spraying done, not quite sure for what- getting a sane answer out of her is imposs- some kind of bug killer. Anyway, originally she was just going to take FIL out to the stores for the day, but he can't stay out for 12 hours. It's nuts to have even considered such an idea. So they're coming here. On Tuesday. At first I thought we'd have to change our plans but seeing the look of misery and terror on my face over the thought of having to entertain his folks for 12 hours straight Mick insisted we go. The folks will be fine here. I'll make sure there's snacks and leave them a nice lunch in the fridge. Mick's already digging out books for his father and movies he thinks they'll both enjoy. Win-win. FIL isn't going to end up back in the hospital from overexertion and we still get our day at the beach. Cool beans.

Lest anyone think I'm horrible, I must say that the situation with MIL is becoming worse instead of better with the passing of time. We stopped over there for a quick visit the other day and the digs and little acid comments had me grinding my teeth. Then when I said that of course they were invited over for MIL's birthday for the traditional meal of her favorite food (eggplant parm) she gave me a nasty smirk and loftily said, "I'll get back to you about that." WTF? It's not like they have any other plans. Here I am trying to keep things smooth and pleasant and all she does is make things harder. So sorry I bothered you with my crappy invitation to my home to celebrate your birthday and my stinking offer of serving you a f-ing meal it takes 5 hours to prepare.

You know, there's quite a few up sides to being an orphan. Something I've told Mick he should be grateful for too. Imagine if we were going through this shite with TWO sets of elderly parents. With me he got quite the good deal. Two stepsons, one he never sees and the other has become his heart's own child. And the crazy ex-husband in the backyard. That's it. That is the sum total of familial obligations and baggage from my side. No siblings and their awful spouses. No cousins, aunties, crackpot great-uncles, and certainly no parents-in-law for him to deal with. I don't even have any friends he can't stand. He thinks my women friends are wonderful. Mick's said many times that if you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep then I am one fabulous chickie-boo. The babes in my gang are smart, witty, kind and talented. So much so that Mick finds himself a little star-struck in their company and gets all anxious to make a good impression and not come across like some honking crass guy.

On today's agenda is yet another attempt at conquering Laundry Mountain. It's ridiculous. We own all the clothes in the world and yet we're reduced to wearing the same four things all the time because we can't find anything in that humongous tangle in the cellar. Today's the day I become the Tenzing Norgay of my textile Mt Everest. (I chose Sherpa Norgay over Edmund Hillary because when it comes to this particular chore I am the one who knows what the hell she's doing.) The guys will haul it bag by bag upstairs and in the dining room I am folding, sorting and dispatching my guys to take the neatly folded things and finally, finally put them away. I'm pretty excited actually. I've already folded the first round and have found two AWOL black t-shirts and my favorite underpants. Who knows what other treasures we'll unearth?

There might be a quick trip to Macy's too. They're having the monthly One Day Sale and there's a set of 420-count Egyptian cotton sheets I am drooling over. Comes with four pillowcases instead of the usual two. Perfect for me because I have four pillows on my bed. Well, five really, but the fifth is one of those scrunchy bead pillows. The Target version of the buckwheat pillows. Dead handy it is too. Perfect neck support when I read in bed.

If all this domestic drivel hasn't made you cross-eyed with boredom I salute you. We're living pretty quietly right now and there's not a lot to report.

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend. ~LA

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