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10:38 a.m. - 2012-07-10
Burn, baby, burn.

It's Errand Day! It was also supposed to be 'Water Seal the Front Stoop' day, but this was postponed until tomorrow. Despite living here for almost 9 years I could NOT remember when the sun is on that side of the house. Turns out it's in the morning. So tomorrow we get up much earlier and do the stairs at first light. Even now at 8:00am the sun is just too fierce to be out there applying stinky flammable sealant. Also the can was quite specific about not using latex paint over the sealant, oil paint only. What I want to know is if this is for real or whether it's bullshit meant to scare people into buying the much pricier oil paint (of which they recommend their brand, huge surprise), because if it's the former I'm going to exchange the stuff for a primer/sealant which will work with latex. I'll be dipped if I'm going to use oil-based paint on that front stoop and have to let it cure for a week. Having everyone traipse through here for 2 days while latex dries properly will be bad enough.

Q: Has anyone used Thompson's Water Seal on new wood and then put latex paint over it? And if so, what were the results?

I haven't checked the news yet this morning so if there's any big thing going on and you're wondering why I'm nattering on about painting my stoop, this is why.

Finally got sucked into a show on AMC. No, it's not 'Breaking Bad' or 'Mad Men'. It's 'Hell On Wheels'. If you're unfamiliar with it, the show is about building the Transcontinental Railroad. Actually it was Mick who started it. He saw the boxed dvd set of the first season at Sam's Club and was fetched with the cover art. There's little in the way of description of what the show's really about, just a quick blurb about the main character and his quest for vengeance. My Mick loves him a good revenge story. Turns out the show's a bit more involved than that and Mick, despite his distaste for that period in history, is utterly taken with it. He's watched the whole first season and I'm playing catch up now. And I'll admit, it's a pretty good show. Still difficult to get used to Colm Meaney as the villain though. I love Miles O'Brien- the character he played on two of the Star Trek series.

Speaking of Star Trek, I'm making my way through 'Voyager' now. I'd finally watched enough other stuff after my Trek spree earlier this year. In fact now that I tot it up I realize I've watched an appalling amount of TV. Well, TV shows on my computer through Netflix. The whole 'no commercials, zip over the credits' thing is seductive. Makes it ridiculously easy to watch multiple episodes in one go. Let's see I've watched in their entirety or as much as Netflix had:

'Kingdom'- Stephen Fry as a small town lawyer.
'Shameless'- the Brit version.
'Weeds'- I can't believe how much I loathe Mary-Louise Parker's character.
'Grey's Anatomy'- Ditto Patrick Dempsey's 'McDreamy'. What an empty suit he is, do NOT see the attraction.
All of Terry Jones' documentaries.
'No Reservations'- Anthony Bourdain- repulsive and attractive at the same time.
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'- I own this series on dvd, but the show is so much fun.
'Hot in Cleveland'- Betty White- irresistible.
An absurd amount of documentaries on an eclectic (eccentric and weird) menu of topics- beer, leprosy, the Amish, origami, quantum mechanics, beekeeping, Steinway pianos, poetry slams, Hindu caste system, Dolly Madison, ice sculpting, quadriplegic rugby, knitting, claymation, roller derby, being a movie extra, Thomas Jefferson, castratos, gay orthodox Jews, growing marijuana, and a goodish amount of Ken Burns' 'Civil War'.

Throw in a few movies a week and I am startled by just how much time I spend on this machine NOT writing. Hey, I smoke, bite the nails on my right hand, and have blown up into zeppelin-like proportions- not exactly the queen of self-discipline now am I? However, if you're interested in becoming an Anabaptist castrato beekeeper who builds pianos then I'm your girl.

All the summer stuff has been clearanced, it makes sense because it's already the second week of July and the stores are anxious to put out the Christmas stuff, and yesterday I bought a cheapie barbeque grill. A flimsy saucer-shaped thing on three legs. I don't expect it to last beyond this summer, but that's not the point. Point is that at such a bargain price even using it twice I'll be satisfied I got my money's worth out of it. I've been jonesing for burgers and dogs cooked on the grill. Over charcoal, thankyouverymuch. I have a gas stove so dragging my food outside to cook it on a gas appliance seems truly dumb. I want the sear, crunch and flavor that only comes from charcoal. I don't to hear any wah wah wah about how food cooked over charcoal is bad for you either. I court cancer in lots ways that are far more likely to kill me, not the least of which is living here in the Hudson Valley- tailpipe for the midwest's manufacturing exhaust and home to GE's biggest dumping ground for PCBs. Our air and water are so filthy that I guarantee a few charred hot dogs aren't going to lay me low. Let me enjoy my barbeque in peace, thanks.

Just got a phone call from Wolf's counselor, she has to reschedule for tomorrow. Seems to be today's theme. So if it's not sealing the stoop or errand day I think I'll see if I can get my new grill assembled properly and char us up a nice lunch.

Playing with fire as usual, ~LA

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