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9:59 a.m. - 2012-06-24

The last two times I tried to write I was interrupted and couldn't finish. Not "Mom, where's the such-n-such?" interrupted, my muse isn't such a delicate flower as that, but in the "Stop what you're doing, leave the office, give me your complete attention, cook me some food, listen to me grouse, look at my disgusting bug bite/rash/pustule, agree the world sucks, and oh, you were writing comedy? Well carry on," sort of way.

Right now there's a big sign on my door saying that I'm writing and am not to be disturbed. When they get up the guys will do the following:

Wolf will read it and go away.

Mick will read it, then come in, monolog about how he slept and what his dreams were like for a couple minutes, tell me all about how he is going to occupy himself while I'm working, wait for praise, assure me he will figure out what to eat all by himself (while looking at me with a hopeful face that I will somehow manage to pull a 4-egg omelet out of my pocket), and once again reassure me that he most certainly will NOT disturb me because he and his disgusting bug bite/rash/pustule will be JUST FINE ALL ON THEIR OWN! REALLY!!!!


Mick and I are going to have to hammer some shit out and soon. Otherwise I might as well hang my keyboard up for the summer.

Wowzers! The Douchey Barky clan managed to get all the way to 9:00am before busting out the power tools this morning. A miraculous thing since they usually start at 7:00am, but what with it being Sunday and that there's not the tiniest bit of noise coming from anyone else in the whole town you have to admire their thoughtfulness.

Maybe I'll lose the rest of my hearing soon. Deaf would be good in a lot of ways. I'd miss music and my PTSD and I would have to figure out how not to go bonzo every time I got startled by someone 'sneaking up' on me, but being able to write undisturbed would be the loveliest of silver linings to that storm cloud.

I'm going out later to buy Wolf's birthday gifts and cake. I think a quick side trip to the welding supply store for a pair of noise-blocking ear muffs would be the wisest purchase ever. That and a deadbolt for this side of my office door.

In the meantime this is today's theme song.

I'm gonna work one way or another. Count on it. ~LA

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