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6:51 p.m. - 2012-04-14
When it's not hair it's glasses.

Okay, even Mr Busypants is satisfied. I believe this will go down in family history as The Spring Break When Everything Got Done. (Yes, I know that's grammatically incorrect but 'finished' looked wrong. Sue me.)

The ease and speed of all the work and projects being completed (and continuing financial solvency) is too weird. We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Life just doesn't go this well. And how sad is that? Instead of being thrilled and relaxed, we're thrilled about all the good stuff but cautious. Wary, even. Nobody gets away with having this much go right. Are there people who blithely go about getting things done and not worry about being punished for it?

This streak of good luck goes all the way back to the home show. How odd was it that the very contractors we needed to get in touch with were there? Then they came and gave us bids without hassle and a million reschedules and endless phone tag. And the estimates were lower than we'd worried they'd be. And we could afford what we wanted, plus the new gutters. And then the contractors came in and did their thing almost immediately. The work was done super fast and really well. And the weather has just been glorious. All the outside jobs- lawn mowing, cleaning out beneath the front porch, scraping and painting the garage, getting rid of the random crap in the yard...not a drop of rain to hold things up. No blistering heat making things miserable. The big branch pile was chopped up and all the cuttings hauled out back without a single wood chip in the eye or even a splinter. Sam, our new go-to chore guy, called yesterday looking for work and was here within the half hour to take down Wolf's old swing set and pile the pieces neatly along the road edge for pick-up with the rest of the stuff.

Every single thing we had on our wish list is DONE. Even that crappy fake brown is out of my hair. The resulting color is a nice light roan which is a zillion times better.

Wolf and I leaving soon to get his eyes checked. He hasn't had an eye exam in a while and the possibility he needs corrective lenses is a strong one considering his genetics. If his vision's poor it would go a long way in explaining why he's so damn poky about getting his schoolwork done. And if his eyes are okay then I can apply a cattle prod to his laggardly butt without guilt.

And..........a cattle prod it is. My kid's vision is fine.

My favorite glasses lady got a nice commission anyhow; I bought myself a new pair of specs. My prescription is valid until November. (Color me surprised, I usually get an exam in the spring.) I'd been coveting this perfectly round pair of half-rims for a while, but today let myself run off with some pair I just met. Silver, round too, but full frame. What sold me was the sunglass clip. Optical grade lenses, attach magnetically. I know I just got new lenses for this black framed pair so I could continue to use the sunglass clip I'd bought at the Dutchess County fair last year and I know I'll still wear these black ones a lot. But the new sunglass clip is sooooo much nicer. The fair-bought ones are cheapies and the lenses give me a distortion headache after a while. Yeah, I know, I'm becoming something of an eyeglasses whore, this makes my third pair in less than 2 years, but a girl's gotta have a pash for something.

Look, my feet are too big for Loubotin's. My current purse is the product from the 3 woman 'factory' I became involved with when I got into micro-lending. Btw, KIVA is an excellent place to start if you're curious about micro-lending. Mick likes to buy my sparklies- Pandora charms for all anniversaries and holidays and earrings whenever the whim takes him. I have enough pashminas and scarves to stock an eastern bazaar. I don't collect anything like Beanie Babies or Depression glass. (Though am not averse to getting souvenir piggy banks from odd places. *hint hint*) My wardrobe is almost exclusively from the House of Old Navy. So if I want to whoop it up a little and have more than one pair of glasses I guess it's not too, too terrible.

That's all I've got today. The busy week has caught up with me and landed with a thud. All I want to do now is veg.

Much love from your seriously pooped friend, ~LA

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