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6:02 p.m. - 2012-03-30
See? I told you we'd be talking about hair.

Woke up with the birdies today. Nothing wrong, no big worries, in fact before I got up I had a pleasant few minutes thinking what I'd do with the money if I won tonight's Mega-Millions. (Note to self: Buying a ticket would help.) I imagine even those who scoff at lotteries (me, for instance) can't resist the lure of playing with an imaginary $500 million.

Gads, what wouldn't I do with that kind of dough? As always, my dreams started very simple and close to home. I wonder what it says about me that my first thought is always, "Pay off the mortgage!"

Not sports cars. No furs or lavish jewels. Just my house- free and clear. And it would be this house. For sure I'd end up doing things to it- build a 4 car garage out back, bump out my office a little and put in real windows and a floor. Stuff like that. But I never think, "Whoo hoo! Let's blow this popsicle stand!" and heading for Dubai. Or even Amsterdam. To travel and see all the places my little travel-starved heart desires, sure, I'd love that. But I'd always and ever come home here.

I'm lucky that way. I'm not aching to get gone from where I live. Not my town and not my little house. Because I've already done the huge house thing and know how much work they are I'm not tempted by the idea of a mansion at all. Yeah, I know I'd be able to afford help so I wouldn't be stuck cleaning 27 rooms all by myself as I was at the old house, but even just living in a big old barn of a Victorian is a chore. Especially if you're dippy like me and tend to forget where you left stuff. There were days I probably clocked at least two miles just going from room to room to find my glasses or my book or my coffee. Heh, you know how cats always know when you want to take them to the vet and they hide? Try finding a determined-to-stay-hidden cat in a house with two dozen rooms, two staircases and four floors. Right? It's nuts. So I'll stick with the small house, thanks. At least here at Casa Sage there's just so many places I might have left my coffee and I have a fair shot at finding it while it's still drinkable.

I finally made an appointment for a haircut. I'm still determined to grow it out into a bob, but I'm sure the interim hair can look better. This is about the best I can do with it right now and it's kind of goofy. You can't see the back, but it's pretty long and the whole 'do is off balance and shapeless.

Back in a few hours with (hopefully!) a sharper hairdo and a story or two from my adventures in the big wide world.

And I'm back! Miss me?

No big adventures. I did buy $3 worth of lottery tickets. About all I was prepared to spend on such a pipe dream.

Got my hair did. Not much I can really do with the bangs except tough it out and wait for them to grow out past the sheepdog stage. Of course my glasses don't help, but I'm not about to start wearing contacts just to make my stupid bangs hang better while they grow out.

Anyway, here's the newer version of my head. A little fluffier, a lot tidier and it's starting to look like I want my hair to look like this on purpose rather than like I just got off the boat from the Land Without Hair Salons.


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