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12:28 p.m. - 2012-02-21
Diagnoses- Self and Medical

Reason for foul mood #1- Child spending extended amount of time with father and elder brother. Along with the worry about Wolf's life being in his dimwit father's hands, (Mike has had a wreck in every vehicle he/we have ever owned. So far he hasn't hurt the kids, but the odds are stacking high now.), whenever he goes upstate Wolf leaves as my sweet caring son and comes back as one of 'them'. Surly, sarcastic, vague and the Aspie "It's all about meeeeeee!" thing is kicked into overdrive. Deprogramming child is unpleasant for all.

Reason for foul mood #2- I was incubating a cold. It landed sometime while I slept Sunday night. Woke up yesterday feeling like crap on a platter. Am fighting it off with positive thinking, good nutrition and sheer stubbornness. I do not have time to be ill until tomorrow. If the cold hangs on until then I will gladly give over and stay in my pajamas all day and do nothing more taxing than making endless cups of tea. Today, however, I woke up at 6:00 and jumped into my day with both feet running. This is a brief lull until 1:45 when I get back in the car and start running around like a demented thing again.

Reason for foul mood #3- Hormones, hormones, hormones. I heated the pasta water yesterday by dunking my hand into the pot and waiting until the next round of hot flashes brought the water to the boiling point. 'Nuff said.

This morning found me in Hometown wearing nothing but my underpants while some woman I just met inspected every inch of my bod with a magnifying glass. She didn't even buy me a drink first.

Ended up having three pre-cancer spots frozen off me and a lump on my arm scraped off with a razor and sent away for a biopsy. 50/50 on whether said lump is cancerous or just one of those ugly things my Eastern European heritage predisposes me to. When I told her about the sun damage on my face she wiped off my make-up and said, "Wow! You cover it really well! What kind of make-up do you use?" So while she set up for the freezing and the biopsy we talked about mineral make-up and the importance of good brushes. I thought again about how frivolous I am. This woman diagnoses and treats cancer and I can use cosmetics like nobody's biz. Gee. If they ever start handing out Nobel prizes for best use of concealer I'm a shoo-in.

Speaking of camouflage, here's the current way I'm dealing with my pelican chin.

Please understand that I do know this fools no one but me. But I'm the only one I have to fool so it works. Didn't we just go over what a shallow beastie I am?

This is my new coat, btw. The 'ascot' is actually a gorgeous beach pareo Miss Steph gifted me with that time we met up down the shore. Folding scarves is another of my Earth shattering mankind-enhancing talents and turning the pareo into an asot is a snap. Probably too bulky for normal sized people, but with a neck and chin combo like John Madden and my all-over bigness I can get away with it just fine.

Now I'm going inside and fix myself some soup and read Harry Potter until it's time to zoom off again.

Not really worried about cancer, my Oma was covered in lumps like the one on my arm. She survived both World Wars, had 19 kids, and lived to be 90. ~LA

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