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10:44 a.m. - 2012-02-19
Look Out Below!

Captain Crankypants here. It's times like this I rather envy mean people. It's not that I really want to hurt anyone's feelings nor do I get my kicks thinking I've 'won' by making someone else feel bad, I'm just feeling clogged right now. Bound by decency. Hogtied by discretion and manners. However, I know from past experience that the momentary relief of letting fly with the scathing stuff that wants to come out of my mouth is always something I regret afterward.

Mick is bearing the brunt. He understands I'm not at my best at the moment and is being patient with my bitchitude. Keeps telling me it's okay to vent and that I'm not being an asshole. But I'm not happy unloading all my blargh on him. Not fair. His weekends, especially 4-day holiday weekends like this one, should be peaceful. After all he's the one who goes out every day and deals with everything from idiot tailgating drivers on cell phones to busting up brawls to the nutzoid new principal who gets hysterical and calls the cops and puts the school in lockdown if a kid has a smoke in the john. Making Mick spend his precious free time listening to me bitch about my petty crap, temporary petty crap, is selfish.

As usual when I'm in a pissy mood, I'm doing a lot of cooking. Went to Shoprite yesterday and purposely bought a bunch of fixings for meals that will yield plenty of leftovers. It's my plan to keep cooking until Tuesday, then the guys can live off leftovers for the rest of the week and I can hole up and brood as needed.

Mick's always said he doesn't like chili. Hates beans. Doesn't like super spicy food. I love beans but don't care for super spicy myself, so I knew if I tweaked my chili recipe a little and upped the meat to bean ratio that Mick would like MY chili. And so it is. After the groceries were put away I shooed him out of the kitchen saying I was making a surprise for dinner and would call him when it was ready. Along with making the chili I baked a pan of cornbread. Another thing Mick didn't know he liked until I started making it for him. I add a bit of sugar to the batter. Yankee cornbread, ya know.

When the chili was ready I filled the bowls and dressed them up with dollops of sour cream and on Mick's I sprinkled some shredded four cheese mix. Set them and the cornbread and some wee corn chip rounds to use as scoops on the table and broke out a tallboy of Rolling Rock. Mick doesn't drink as a rule but will have the occasional beer, and this was THE meal to have beer with. Called Mick to the table and sat anxiously waiting for him to take the first bite. Bingo! He loved it. Mick the non-bean eating chili hater ate two huge bowls. It wasn't just a wise husband move of being flattering when dealing with a weepy touchy wife either, he truly liked the chili. YAY! Another thing to add to the menu rotation.

Today I'm making chicken parm. Well, I'm doing all the prep work today. Pounding the chicken breasts, breading and frying them, layering them and the sauce and cheese in the pans. The pans will go in the oven tomorrow. The folks are coming for dinner and I need a company worthy dinner that MIL, who claims she'll eat anything, will actually eat. (MIL's claim of being easy to feed is bullshit. Sure she'll eat anything...except seafood, Mexican food, Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food, spicy stuff, Greek food, steak, anything with a lot of garlic, red onions, or fish sauce, stuffed mushrooms, eggs get the picture.) Fortunately we ALL like chicken parm, so we're good for tomorrow.

Also on today's docket- finally fixing the loose shutter outside my bedroom window. The shutters on my house actually work, well they're on hinges and open and shut. but they've been retired and are anchored to the house with latches and a honking huge spike nail in each of them. Somehow one came loose and now it flaps and bangs endlessly. And of course it's THE least accessible shutter on the whole damn house. Couldn't be on a first floor window, couldn't be on the windows above the porch roofs (front and back), couldn't be on the north side of the house where there's no bushes and the slope is less steep. Nope. This shutter is the highest from the ground on the steepest slope and is behind the apple tree. Getting to it from the inside is imposs too, the window a/c unit is mounted in that window with braces outside and screws and insulation around it on the inside. Right? The dopiest, most bitch kitty of fixes possible. Wish us luck.

For Christmas SIL gave us a movie and dinner gift card pack. Applebee's and any AMC theater. A lovely gift. Since we're so skint right now (still catching up from the furnace repair, plus I ordered new lenses for my specs, plus we had to get Mick a new laptop this week- his old one was dead, dead, dead) this gift card pack is a very timely treat. We can see a show and go out for a bite tonight and not ding the budget. Coolness. It's Mick's turn to pick the movie and he's chosen 'Safe House'. Fine by me. I like Denzel Washington. And the mood I'm in an action movie with lots of shooting and car chases and brawling sounds perfect. Maybe Ryan Reynolds (who I don't like) will get beaten up and maybe even shot and that'll definitely be fun.

Time for me to go vent my aching spleen on some innocent chicken cutlets.

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! ~Captain Crankypants

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