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11:46 a.m. - 2012-02-11
No Theme Becomes The Theme

It's snowing. So far it's a very polite snow, the roads and the driveway are still black. The yard and the woods across the street are getting all Ansel Adams-ish though and remind of why I like trees so much. Miracles of design- at once archetectural and yet wholly natural. Well, I like trees for other reasons than their beauty too, but it's a big one.

Wolf has gone very teenaged of late. Droopy, slobbish, snarky and aggravatingly wooly-headed. I've been checking to make sure his depression hadn't kicked it up a notch. The one lousy genetic hand-me-down I can definitely take the blame for. In any case he's just being 14 and his 'delightful' legacy of chemically induced darkness isn't to blame. Though between you and me, I think what's really going on is my son has a bad case of 'Jessie's Girl'. His best school pal has made off with the prettiest girl in their gang. One of the very, very few girls in the gang actually, and one Wolf had quite the eye for himself. But fortune favors the bold and Adam got there first. Wolf's trying to be gracious about it, claiming he's happy that his friends are happy, yadda, yadda, but I'd lay big money that Wolf's mentally imposed Adam's face on all the targets in his first person shooter games and spends his video game time happily blowing away his best bud/romatic rival.

If that sounds creepy and gruesome you're not remembering the agonies of teenage love and lust very well.

Speaking of things that are creepy and gruesome I am getting really ticked at one of the Sims...he won't die! See my Sim married one of the townies, one I knew to be quite elderly- his kids are grown and his first wife had already died of old age. I figured my Sim could have a brief honeymoon with good old Jack Bunch and then he'd die. Well weeks and weeks (sort of like years in Sim time) have passed and the old bugger is still hale and hearty. I've become quite impatient with him. This is the first time I've ever played a Sim story through to extreme old age and I'd like him to go to his just reward so my Sim can get on with her writing career and perhaps meet someone else. My Sim lady wants a kid and I don't want her to have one with Jack, his kids are freaky looking and have terrible personality traits. I know, I know, ridiculous to be talking about all this drama and they're just little pixel people who live in my computer. But hey, folks get involved with all sorts of goofy stuff on TV and my Sims are just as valid as a 'Real' Housewife or some joker on 'Lost'.

Also in the trashy drama department, I've finished the first season and am into the second of Shameless. An outrageous trainwreck I seem to be unwilling to look away from. The accents are a bit much sometimes and I have to figure out what's going on from the context and I loathe Frank Gallagher, but still I'm having huge fun watching these crazy bastards go about their messy lives. John Woodvine guest starred on the episode I saw last night and I made myself nuts trying to remember where else I'd seen him. Finally twigged he'd played the doctor in 'An American Werewolf in London'. Another of my inexplicable favorites, seeing how I don't like horror movies. But 'An American Werewolf in London' is so funny I can get past the gross bits without trauma. (I do always close my eyes when those alien Nazi things show up and slaughter David's family. *shudder*)

So far the outlook for Valentine's Day is fairly bleak. A weeknight is a terrible time to do anything romantic and in any case it's our tradition that I make Mick a special meal. Trying to go out on the actual holiday is always a nightmare. Pricey, overcrowded, blech. The real trouble is Wolf. I suppose he'd cooperate and take himself off to the cellar or his room, but that's dumb and hardly private anyhow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm dead grateful my son has gotten old enough to leave alone for a couple hours so Mick and I can get out for a quick dinner and a movie once in a while. And I'm not wishing these last years of my son's childhood away. I know 5,6 years from now I'll have all the privacy I could ever want and will be lamenting about how I never see my kid anymore, it's just we're at an awkward stage. Wolf's too old to tuck into bed at 8:00 and then retreat downstairs for a quiet dinner with my guy, but he's too young to ask for the car and take himself off for his own special Valentine's date. Mick and I could break tradition and go out ourselves, but that seems mean too. Especially since my poor kid is mourning and mooning over the girl who got away. Sigh...looks like a lovely candle-lit dinner for three.

Hey, the snow stopped! Guess I'll suit up and do my %$#& walk now.

On a quiet Saturday, ~LA

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