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9:55 a.m. - 2012-01-31
Breakfast (plus lunch and dinner) In America

Wowzers! How did it get to be Tuesday already? It's as though the weekend never happened at all. Yesterday I remember quite clearly though. I was held hostage by some mad woman who forced me to do a whole bunch of housework. Okay, it was me. It's the shiny house. Ever since the cleaners did their thing I've been doing my best to keep the place sparkly. I love having a clean house again.

If my darling man has a fault it's that he can't organize for shit. Oh his stuff is tidy. Scary tidy. But the cabinets and such? He just jams things in all higgledy-piggledy and slams the door shut. He also grabs the first thing he sees thus we always have at least three open jars of peanut butter. Ditto for boxes of cereal, condiments, grooming products, etc. Mick finds it impossible to actually finish a jar or package of anything. He MUST use the new one right away, even if there's plenty left in the old one. I've learned to squirrel away and hide anything I've bought in multiples, otherwise all of them would be opened and half used. So you can imagine the fridge was driving me nuts. It was all crammed up with big things balanced on top of little things. At least a dozen packages of lunch meat and cheeses- all of them with just enough left to make one sandwich with. Seven jars of various styles of dill pickles- most with one or two lonely pickles floating around in the brine. All sorts of messy money-wasting crap like that. Plus the shelves were sticky and the drawers each had at least one science experiment going on.

I got medieval on my refrigerator. Ripped everything out- food, shelves, drawers, and bins and scrubbed the heck out of all of it. I condensed and combined what I could of the various orphaned condiments, chucked out all the yucky stuff, found a couple things I never knew I had, where did the ginger soy sauce come from? And generally made order from chaos. It felt good.

I suppose I could be one of those horrible micro-managing wives who constantly bitch at the husband and kids and make them feel like idiots when they try to help...NOT! The only go-rounds Mick and I get into is when he doesn't do right with my pots and pans. Those are my tools. If he's going to insist on cleaning up after dinner then he's going to do it right or not at all. So when I find my best pans are still greasy and he's let the bottoms get glopped up, oy. I get really, really pissed off. Especially because I take great pains with his stuff. THE worst fight we ever had was about me touching his precious stuff up in his den. It feels like a total bitch slap when I find crud and crust on my kitchen tools. WTF? Can't demand I treat some dopey stuffed toys like holy relics and then be a careless slob with my stuff. The very tools I use to turn out gourmet meals for him no less.

Sore spot, LA? Yeah, that's a very ouchie place for me. Probably always will be. I can deal with the five open jars of Skippy, but the implied disrespect of doing a half-assed job with my most precious cookware kills me every time.

Speaking of disrespect, Mick says thank you for all of your kindness about that mess at work. It was an ugly business all the way around and the administration's total lack of support was the worst. He'd heard horror stories from the teachers about how the admin undermines their authority all the time by letting idiot parents ride roughshod over them. No matter how egregious the conduct of a student is- foul mouthed tirades, blatant lies, constant disruptions, cutting class, cheating, doesn't matter. If a teacher dares to take disciplinary action on a kid and the parents complain...BLAM! The teacher is forced to apologize and give the kid his way. Even in this terrible economy Mick knows four teachers who've quit in the last couple years because they couldn't take the bullshit from the parents and the cowardly administration anymore. Feh. Things have gotten so backward I don't know if it can ever be fixed.

Anyhoodle, I finished 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' and am bouncing around Netflix watching a little of this and that. I'd tried jumping right into 'Voyager' but discovered I'm all Star Trekked out for the nonce. I'd started 'DS9' right on the heels of 'Star Trek: NG' and am a bit burnt on warp drives and "Captain! The shields are down to 30%!" I'm sure I'll get into 'Voyager' eventually. I'll get sick of the present and will need a fix of the 24th century. I look around at the greed and the filth and the short-sightedness and the ever growing stupidity and know that Roddenberry's vision of the future is pure fantasy, humans will never evolve into anything better than what we are now- crap flinging monkeys with nukes. But that hopeful, kindly future is something I need to pretend might happen. Helps me sleep at night. So I know one of these days I'll go off to the Delta Quadrant with Captain Janeway and her crew. Just not right now.

One fun thing I've found on my amble through Netflix is 'Stephen Fry in America'. I've seen three of the six episodes and am delighted with his take on the States. It's a BBC mini-series in which Stephen Fry travels to all 50 states and gives one Brit's view of things American. An amiable mix of history, anecdotes and bucket list adventures Stephen Fry is a good visitor. He doesn't seem to have an agenda one way or the other. Not shy about saying when he's appalled by something, yet isn't out to prove all Americans are selfish assholes. In fact he has a kinder view of us than I do right now. We're just getting started and the political shitstorm is already grinding me down.

Now, my friends, I'm gonna get after today's project- straightening out the cabinet where the plastic containers live. There's 400 lids and only 15 containers and none of those 400 lids seem to fit any of them.

Yours about to sift, sort and stack, ~LA

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