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10:15 a.m. - 2012-01-04
Goodies (but no gumdrops)

Golly, I still haven't said much about the wonderful gifties. The Nook, of course. Still getting the hang of it. (I loathe being so technologically challenged.) I hadn't expected an e-reader at all. Mick is sooo sneaky. The week before Christmas he went off to B&N claiming to need a gift card for his father's birthday (Dec 26th) and that since he was only dashing in for a minute Wolf and I didn't need to go with him. I was up to my eyebrows in cookie dough at the time and didn't give it a thought. Usually we do B&N together, even at Christmas time, because book shopping goes on year 'round and going to the bookstore as a family is almost as sacred to us as eating dinner together. But his ruse worked perfectly. I didn't suspect a thing. A gift card for Dad indeed. Hmmph!

There was the expected Pandora charm. Again, Mick got the drop on me and gave me two plus a spacer. The new charms are an 'L' and and 'A'. Handy for him that my name is only two letters long. Imagine if my name was Isabella-Conchetta-Marie-Therese!

My bracelet is getting quite weighty and it's not even a third filled yet. Getting close. I imagine the charm(s) for my birthday in a couple weeks will top it off nicely. My style of Pandora bracelet is divided in thirds by threaded markers, I'm guessing the markers are to help keep the charms grouped together, but my bracelet has a mind of its own and the charms do their own thing. The only time it comes off my wrist is when I shower. And then only if I remember to take it off in time. I get into the shower wearing it and my glasses at least once a week. Can't tell you what a dope I feel like starting my shower with my specs still on. But since I started needing to wear my glasses fulltime about 11 years ago they've become as much a part of me as my teeth. They go on my face before I get out of bed in the morning and don't come off again until I'm back in bed at night. (My glasses, not my teeth. The teeth are all my own. *snerk*) I've had corrective lenses of some sort since 6th grade but my vision was good enough to go without when I felt like it. Not anymore. In fact this prescription isn't a year old yet and I'm already blinking and squinting again. Dammit. I'm sure fricken tri-focals are coming soon. And won't they be a nice accessory to go with my pelican chin and jowls?

Yeah, yeah, getting old sucks, but the alternative is worse, eh?

Not exactly a Christmas present, but I got a new winter coat a couple weeks ago. The guys were shopping for media products at FYE and sent me off to browse elsewhere. Wolf wanted to get me 'Deathly Hallows Part 1' on dvd. I wandered into The Avenue and saw all the coats were on sale for 40% off. I poked through the racks and fell stone in love with a gorgeous knee-length black wool number with a notched collar and a hidden button placket. Sleeve length is always an issue for me with women's clothing, almost all my outerwear has been from the men's department. Thank goodness pea coats and trenchcoats are pretty gender neutral. But I had time to kill so I tried on the pretty black coat. And it fit. Fit like it was made for me. The sleeves were long enough. It buttoned over the hooters. And the coat which looked boxy on the hanger is actually cut in a fit-and-flare shape that hugs my curves. (I know I bitch about my aging face a lot but I'll admit my hips are still narrower than my shoulders and my waist is still ten inches smaller than my hip measurement. The sands of time haven't sunk this hourglass yet!) I trotted that coat up to the register, told the nice clerk I'd be right back and dashed over to FYE. I caught Mick's eye from the doorway and made it clear he had to finish up and come to me ASAP. He rounded up Wolf, they paid while I discretely looked the other way, and then I dragged them back to The Avenue.

This is where it gets even better. The nice clerk said we'd get another 20% off for applying for an Avenue charge card and then another 10% off of that if it was approved. Curiosity about how our credit was doing as much as the extra savings prompted us to fill in the form. BLAM! It was approved so fast the register was practically smoking. Good deal. Upshot? I got a $150 coat for $46 plus tax. Now I have a faboo winter coat that's dressy enough for anything and yet isn't too fussy for everyday wear. At least for me. You know how I go on. Diamond earrings and a hoodie. Chuck Taylors with my prom dress. I've always said if I had a mink coat I'd wear it with jeans and boots. I would too.

Don't start with me. There's nothing wrong with ranch mink. Those minks were bred, born and raised to become coats. They weren't frollicking around living their minky little lives in the happy forest with all their Disney buddies and then snatched up and taken away to be skinned. Besides, minks are just fancy weasels. I've owned weasels (ferrets) and they are nasty evil smelly mean things. If any animal deserves to become a coat it's a weasel.

As for the other Christmas goodies, I'm nicely smelly and very soft from all the bath products and lotions. I have movies to watch during the grim dark months ahead. And I'm still working on the chololates. Mick did me up with all sorts of yumminess. He was shocked last night when I told him I hadn't even opened the truffles yet. What can I say except that thanks to my crazy stocking up shopping ealier last month the house is still chock-a-block with goodies, there were plenty of leftover cookies from my baking sprees, and that in my wise old age I am learning to be more temperate with my noshing. Chowing my way through all those chocolates without a thought would be a sin. I'm taking my time and paying attention. Thoroughly enjoying my treats. Besides I'd like still fit inside my coat for the rest of the winter and hopefully for many winters to come.

Living high on the hog, but not eating like one! ~LA

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