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10:52 a.m. - 2011-11-20
Been so long since I walked in the moonlight.

Ahhh...the glory of good sleep, time off, and finally having something go right.

Though this actually went in reverse order. The cable guys came yesterday and put in a landline. It was okay only having cell phones for the last couple years, but reception is spotty and Verizon has yet to be convinced of the necessity of alerting me when I have voice mail so I miss a lot of messages. My cell is still the best way to get me (other than email or FB note), the landline is back up. And for Mick's folks to get a hold of him if they have an emergency. I refused to have the phone in my office though. There was one right next to my elbow for years and years and the damn thing never stopped ringing. Between the ex's business calls, the telemarketers and the political huckstering I got NO peace. With a presidential election coming up and the bombardment of robo-calls from the GOP claiming Obama is- a commie, the Anti-Christ, poops his pants, etc, etc, I'd end up ripping the dang phone out of the wall. So. Now there's a tidy shiny phone with an answering machine on the console in the front hall. It's set to answer on the 2nd ring and will be my stalwart against electronic intrusion.

While the cable guys were here Mick had them move the cable box upstairs into the bedroom and the wonder of having a gazillion channels and all that cool stuff like Start Over and On Demand right there is faboo. To make everything even sweeter the Geeks are coming tomorrow to fix my desktop. Finally!!! I have learned to live with Lappy after a fashion but its anti-virus is shaky and I've hardly done more than creep in, post a blog entry, check in on FB and run away again. Terrified Lappy would come down with something too and then I'd really be screwed. Fingers crossed the Geeks can heal my beloved desktop and I will have my online world back in all its blogging buddy, LOLcats, alternate news sources glory. I'll have my files again. And my favorites list. And Word. And the magic keyboard where the Fornits live. A feast of fat things and endless creative horizon. Whee!!!

Wolf is gone for the weekend. Mick and I had both forgotten what it's like to be off-duty. We remembered pretty quick though. No need to get explicit with the grown-up adventures, suffice it to say we're not as old and easily winded as we'd started to believe. (*wink*) Plus we went out for our anniversary dinner last night. Our official anniversary is Tuesday, but last night was the lovey-dovey dinner with the attendant rambling conversation, plans for the future, toasts, and hand-holding across the table. 2 years married on Tuesday and 5 years together in March. Where did the time go?

In anticipation of the cable guys' visit Mick and I tore through the house dusting, de-cobwebbing, stashing things of a personal nature, rearraging electronic equipment as needed, and generally trying to make it look like we're not slobs. Okay, Mick is never a slob, but my office is always a pit and the bedroom looked like Old Navy threw up in there. Now the house is absurdly tidy and with Wolf gone until late tonight it's equally absurdly quiet. Odd, really, because he's not a noisy child at all. The energy is different when he's out of the house though. A stillness that's less about actual noise than it is the absence of the violent buzz of a teenager in full growth spurt/asserting his personhood mode.

As you can imagine after all the down time, nookie, and sense of accomplishment chore-wise we both slept like the dead last night. This morning I woke up feeling relaxed and whole. It's been ever so long. And damn! It feels goooood. I waltzed downstairs humming 'Human Again' from the Broadway version of 'Beauty and the Beast', smiling and greeting the day with more hope and surety of spirit than I've had in months.

Today the sun shines, Mick and I will finally do something with this streelish mop on my head, he'll ride his bike, I'll plot out the coming week's menus and errands, we'll make time for more laundry and lovemaking, I'll whomp up a nice pasta supper, and we'll gird up for rejoining the workaday world with its grubbiness, mess, drama, and weighty responsibility and not mind it a bit.

Enjoying it while it lasts, ~LA

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