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10:00 a.m. - 2011-11-11
Other Stuff

So, LA, you got anything going on that isn't dire, dramatic or depressing?

Um...why SURE I do! Of course! Lots and lots of fun stuff! Plain old ordinary doings too! Chuckalicious anecdotes by the dozens!

Uh...erm...(insert 'Jeopardy' thinking song)...just a sec...phooey. I got nothin'.

No, wait! We went to a play last week. A student production at Mick's school. Lots of fun. The kids were a delight. The stage set was gorgeous. The play, 'The Curious Savage' by John Patrick, was funny. The lead had some serious acting chops. Not that the other kids weren't good, they were. Earnest and sweet in that high school drama club way, but the young woman who played the main character was astonishingly good. Which is why she got the part, of course. But for a high school kid to pull off playing a witty eccentric middle-aged woman who's been put in a loony bin by her greedy grown children was quite the feat. Mick said an even bigger surprise was one of the other kids, a girl who in everyday life clumps around school like Rainman. Never speaks to anyone, moves like she's not quite used to having arms and legs, never smiles. And here she was on stage delivering the funniest bits in the whole show. Rhyming rants that brought the house down. Mick said if he'd ever doubted the value of high school drama clubs he now knew better. That awkward dorkily dressed silent loner girl was a secret comedic genius. And now her secret was out. YAY!

A teddy bear is an essential plot device in the play and the kids were selling wee Boyds Bears in the lobby as a fundraiser. I had to buy one even though I'm not much of a teddy bear person. Where else could I be a patroness of the arts for $5.00? Besides there was this one bear with wings wearing a ribbon and silk flower headband tipped at a rakish angle that just fetched me. I know, right? An angel bear? But I swear to you this bear is actually sort of devilish. Despite the wings and the pearly heart-shaped buttons on her tummy she struck me as adventuresome and nobody's angel. She's now the Escort's mascot. Keeps me company on my own adventures. You know, those wild trips to Shoprite and the bakery thrift store.

Today Mick and I are going out for hair supplies. Mr Magnifico, my personal hairdresser, is going to do my highlights and then crop my 'do a little. As you can see from the pics my coif has gone from Bieber to Beatle mop-top and is rapidly becoming Sam the sheepdog. When your bangs are tangled in your eyelashes it's time for a trim.

Mick also wants me to get some jeans while we're out but I want to wait. I have a $20 off coupon for Old Navy that goes into effect next week. I can keep hitching up my hobo pants until then.

Another stop is the cable company. Want to see about getting a landline phone and arrange to have the cable box taken out of the living room and installed in the bedroom. Wolf never watches TV, far as he's concerned the TV exists to play video games on. He watches the occasional dvd too, but the 4,987 channels coming in through the box are useless to him and I'd like a bit more variety in my late-night infomercial choices. Heh.

We had a family meeting and decided since I'm not making the big whoop-dee-doo Thanksgiving dinner this year that we should be of some use elsewhere. Currently scouting for a soup kitchen or a veteran's group that could use a few extra hands. We shall see. Already donated the coupon for my Shoprite free turkey to the local food pantry. Win-win. Someone who needs it more will get the bird and I won't have another poultry carcass to worry about rotting in the dead freezer during the next extended power outage.

It's both a bit sad and yet rather liberating to be blowing off the holidays this year. I know Miss Steph is concerned. She knows what a holiday dork I usually am. Especially Thanksgiving. But with all this ugliness going on in the family it seems like a good time to opt out. It's not like my own little family unit isn't worth a fancy spread, but I get to cook for us all the time. I put on the dog lots just for my own pleasure. Spending all day making a super-duper dinner just because I can. Setting aside one particular day to make a meal is moot.

Plus Mick loathes holidays. Thinks they're pointless. He can't even say, "Christmas" without making a sour face. At the mall later there will be much snorting and eye rolling and bitching about the decorations and Santa's big chair and what a crock he thinks all this fuss is. Wolf's 14. The only things on his mind are video games and boobs. Neither of which require jingle bells and Santa's elves to get his attention. Though a bosomy elf wearing a g-string and jingle bell pasties might float his boat. If she had a copy of the new 'Doom' game too he'd be in heaven.

So there you go. Hair, bears, soup kitchens, school plays and a stripper elf with a candy cane pole.

Just the usual, ~LA

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