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11:24 a.m. - 2011-10-15
Hoping this good deed goes unpunished.

The guys are still asleep so any tidying I want to do will have to wait. Gee darn.

Thank you again for all the nice things you say about my pics. You do understand I'm far too vain to post any old pic and only put up flattering ones, yes? I mean I don't spend all day setting up the perfect shot, but I usually take 3 or 4 and pick the best one. One where my jowls and double chin don't look too bad. One where my right eye isn't squinted down making me look like Popeye. A souvenir from the Lyme and subsequent Bell's Palsy. I hate that squinty eye. 10 years later and half my face still doesn't work right. Along with the Popeye thing I bite the inside of my right cheek a lot and my smile is lopsided.

As a single blossom doesn't make it spring, I know an unseasonal hot spell doesn't mean planet-wide climate collapse. But I also know things are changing. Weather patterns have gone strange. Invasive species of plants and insects have run amok, the former balance of predictable amounts of cold and rain that kept them in check are gone. Also I grew up on ice skates and neither of my kids know how to skate, there's no ice on the ponds anymore. It hasn't stayed cold enough long enough for skating. Not for years and years. Yet we get far more snow than of yore. Mostly because the Great Lakes aren't freezing either. The 13 feet of snow dumped on the Oswego campus a few years back didn't prove there's no global warming, quite the opposite. Without the ice cover on Lake Ontario the arctic blasts swooping in from Canada suck up huge amounts of the open water and when it hits shore...POW! Lake effect from Hell.

All noticeable, definite changes with measureable results. Which will eventually add up to disaster. Much like how the economic policies of the Reagan years, the deregulation of Wall St and the undoing of campaign finance rules slowly but surely unbolted the support system and here we are 30 years later victims of unchecked greed and arrogance- our economy in shambles, our middle class disappeared, and the heyday of the robber barons has returned with a vengeance. We may not know their names as we know about the Carnegies and Rockefellers from our history books, but it's the same shitty deal. A handful of people hold the purse strings and have all the power and the rest of us are screwed. Because the balance is gone. Nowadays my yard never freezes long enough to kill the fleas and we are overrun in the warm months, so too are we unprotected from the financial vermin who suck us dry. There's nothing stopping them anymore.

Grim? You betcha. S'okay though, we have Facebook and Real Housewives to keep us busy while while that 1% finishes the job of killing our future for their personal gain. And when people do look around and protest their lousy deal they drag out the boogeymen of terrorists and gay folk getting married to get everybody all het up and distracted from the real issues. Nothing like the sight of two queers in tuxedos to make you forget you don't have a job. And who's to blame for it. *snort*

Closer to home, like I said yesterday I'm having company today. A friend from upstate is coming down by train and going home with Jet. The new car makes Jet the extra horse in our stable, nice to have but unnecessary to keep. And my friend has no car at all. So. On one hand I'm glad I can help a friend, I'm usually the recipient of friends' help rather than the giver and paying that debt forward a little feels nice. On the other hand I'm afraid she'll get 20 miles down the road and Jet will fall to bits or something crucial will break and my friend will be even worse off than before. We've taken good care of Jet but she came to us hard used and there's no denying she's got a ton of miles on her. But even if my friend just gets the winter out of Jet she's ahead of the game. Imagine facing the long cold winter with a job to get to and a son who needs to go places and no car at all. Fingers crossed Jet the Little Beetle That Could chugs along for a good long while with her new owner. Send the good thought, won't you?

Anxious, ~LA

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