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4:42 p.m. - 2011-10-14

It's the middle of October and today I left the house wearing a thin cotton dress and a pair of sandals. As I tootled around doing my errands I had the a/c on in the car. The lawn and about 50% of the trees are still bright green. It was 80 degrees this afternoon.

I do NOT live in Miami. I live 1,200 miles north of Miami. In a place where the usual mid-October weather is sweater chilly, lawns are crispy and brown from frost, and by now the trees had already reached the peak of their fall color and were fading.

In discussing this strange weather with Mick he wondered how long the climate change deniers would keep on. I said forever. It doesn't matter how much they deny because there's really nothing to be done at this point. And no one would tell us anything anyhow, even if people were going outside and bursting into flames. The government, the deniers and Faux News would all say the bursting into flames thing was the progressives' fault and could be fixed right up with some more tax cuts for the oil industry and the GOP regaining the presidency.

Feh. I'm just ticked I still have to keep my toenails polished nicely. I'd like to wear boots now, please.

I have company coming tomorrow and tried to look at my place with fresh eyes. Bad idea. I can see this place is as dusty and cluttered as a curio shop on a dead-end street. Deliberately so.

I am trying not to love my house anymore. That way when it's taken by the bank the loss won't break me. It's just a house.

Oy, don't mind me. I have had a few really lousy nights sleep in a row and tend to get droopy when sleep deprived. I'll save my house from the ex's fuckery or die trying. I just won't be doing a lot of dusting until then. Imminent foreclosure is as good a reason as any not to bust my butt doing housework, eh?

When Wolf got home earlier he told me next week is Spirit Week at his school for Homecoming. This, like Prom, has become a much bigger deal than it was in my day. We didn't have Pajama Day and Backwards Day, etc, etc. At Hometown High the year's one pep rally was mandatory (they took attendance) and the homecoming dance was like any other Friday night dance except the refreshment table had cupcakes frosted in the school colors. The hoopla at Wolf's school amuses me. In telling me about it Wolf rolled his eyes and snorted derisively. I chided him. Told him not to be such a cynic, why not enjoy and have some fun? Only teenagers get to do goofy stuff like this. There won't be any pep rallies once he's grown, that's for damn sure. He smiled, relieved of the onus of having to be snarky and cool. At least in front of me. Goodness knows I want my kid to have all the Archie and Betty, Andy Hardy Goes to The Hop, "Shake a Tit for Old Rydell!" good times he can get from high school.

It's commenced to thunder and lightning. Another value-added feature to this endless summer. Thunderstorms in October. Sheesh.

Weirdness abounds and for once I'm not the weirdest thing. YAY!

Wishing you all a pleasant Friday night. ~LA

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