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2:14 p.m. - 2011-10-05
Inhale, Exhale, Cough, Inhaler

And so the adaptation goes on. Will I ever love Lappy like I do my desktop? Doubt it.

Thanks for the advice about how to better utilize this drattedly awkward machine. Desktop's keyboard and mouse are wireless, plugging in would be difficult, no idea where the original installation disc went. Anyway, I do have a cordless mouse for Lappy, bought that along with the laptop. I'm a mouse girl. I'd tried Mick's laptop with the scroll/touchpad thingie and found it so tough to use that I was very impressed Mick uses it all the time. But he's a persistent devil. Just kept at it until he got the hang it. Me? I don't break in nothin' anymore. No patience, none. Shoes, appliances, whatever, it works comfortably for me from the get-go or it's gone.

Thank you for the compliments about my hair too! I've been futzing with it since that disaster of a cut. Crazy, but changing my part to the other side of my head helped the most. Mick had done a fantastic job with the highlights, got them evenly through my hair in every direction so there weren't any weird dark patches when I flipped my 'do the other way. Now I get to go through the nasty growing out process again. sigh...

Working on WordPad rather than Word means I have no spellcheck. At least not that I can find. So we shall see if I'm still a good speller. I was in school. And I was the family spellcheck for lots of years, but I've gotten lazy. Wrote 3 million words with the security of spellcheck and have come to rely on it. I can tick along much faster and not sweat the spelling errors, it's a pleasure knowing I'll get a clean edit when I'm finished with the rough draft. I rip along vaguely aware of those red zigzags, but mostly ignore them for the joy of writing with no inhibitions. I do edit as I write, but for content. It has to sound right as I spool it and when I get hung up and can't say it in my head correctly that's when I stop and dink around to fix it.

Went to the doctor's this morning. My ribs are sprung and achy from coughing. Sinuses are a misery. She gave me azithromycin and an albuterol inhaler. Not sure if it's just allergies or there's an infection too, but she said the 'zith was a good idea anyhow. I'm not a one to take antibiotics for every little thing. And most certainly understand the difference between a bacterial and a viral infection. But it's still a fairly new school year and goodness knows what kinds of nasties my guys are bringing home with them and my immune system is compromised enough already.

Still surprises me when the doc sends my prescription order directly to the pharmacy from her laptop. No paper ones anymore. E-medical records and paperless prescriptions are going to make it rough on junkies who doctor hop. Eventually someone will notice if she's been written five different Vicodin presciptions from five different doctors all in the same week.

One piece of happy news while I was there, my blood pressure is back down where it should be. It had been elevated the last few visits. Not enough to medicate, but high for me and thus worrisome. Today it was its usual 115/78. Whew. There's been two strokes in my circle recently. Both around my age (50-ish) and neither you could point to and say it was solely poor lifestyle. When your friends start having strokes out of the blue and your blood pressure is creeping up, up, up, well, it makes you pay attention. I thought about it on the way over to give Mick some kisses (his campus is just down the road from the doc's) and realized I'm getting used to the bullshit about the house, and Wolf has started school and is doing okay so far. Plus the MIL situation is settling into its new groove. Nothing's gone away, but I am finding I'm carrying it better. Had to, man, I was going bonkers.

After picking up my meds I stopped at the snack bar to get a hot dog and a cherry coke. Most pleased when the dog went down with no problems. One good thing about this sinus junk- the smell of everything is cut way down. Makes eating so much easier if I can't smell it. Of course this means I can't taste it either, but a small concession to the bigger necessity of giving my poor bod some badly needed fuel.

They say balance is the natural order of the universe, right? Give some, get some. If I don't have my desktop at least I have the laptop. Can't taste, but I can eat. Can't take back a bad haircut, but I can change it up and get rid of the fugly.

Chins above water, ~LA

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