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1:26 p.m. - 2011-10-03
But I don't like new computers!

Here I am using the laptop I've never liked. Turns out my desktop's issues are mechanical not simply a glitch in a program. The system restore bought me a little time, but not much else. I was going to say something quasi-amusing about my general uselessness with computers here, but I'm trying not to be so rough on myself. Self-mockery isn't going to make me any better with computers. Or magically heal my HP's fried memory chips. So.

I hauled out the laptop this morning and set up on the dining room table as I have since I got it then realized I'm stuck with this baby for a while so have moved the desktop's keyboard and mouse out of the way and have the laptop set up here on my desk. Looks pretty redneck the working machine shoved in front of a broken one, but I'm in my chair in my most comfortable position, all my familiars around me- the scatter of earrings, the stack of books, my grooming tools, meds, snacks, all my junk, and it makes things just a bit less traumatic. A creature of the familiar and safe always. I loathe change.

Figured out how to get into everything except my hotmail account. I'll be dipped if I can remember the password. Another thing I hate about using a different machine. Yeah, I know there's browsers and such that'll do all that password stuff for me but again, she just don't have the skilz.

Am I lucky to have a backup computer at all? Oh, surely. Count my blessings, I know. Eventually I'll figure out how to set the screen size and get used to not having Word and I can do without my games for a while. Might make me get off my duff and clean house more often. Heh.
Speaking of getting off my duff, I should really be out doing all my very important errands. Even bums have commitments. Wanted to see just how much of my desktop life I can salvage first. Enough, I guess.

And I'm back. Errands accomplished. All phone calls returned. Appointments made. The next step is to find the right height to bring the screen into a comfortable place without putting the keyboard up so high that typing is absurd. Right now Lappy is atop a sealed bundle of copier paper. Great for the screen, awkward and dopey to use the keyboard. There's a reason I'm such a fan of separates in clothing, mix and match is easier and broadens one's options considerably. Seems the same is true with computer components. I want to look at my screen dead on and type with a keyboard set inches lower. This whole the screen is attached to the keyboard was one of the major reasons I didn't go to a laptop years ago. I have a plug-in mouse. (Oy, I hate touch pad scrolling and clicking!) I know they make plug-in keyboards too, but that's absurd. Might as well have a traditional desktop arrangement. Tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, each free of the others and customizable for maximum comfort of use. To add an extra keyboard to the laptop is just dopey. It's not like I need my files to be portable.

The only cool thing with Lappy is the built-in camera.

Now let's see if this raw laptop newbie can get this posted properly.

Struggling to adapt, ~LA

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