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3:56 p.m. - 2011-09-18
Flying past.

It's not been difficult to write, it's been difficult to post what I write. Life got complicated and messy and just fucking mean. And I can't bear to make the load any heavier right now by posting a lot of sad angsty yadda that will eventually resolve itself anyway.

Suffice it to say that:

Wolf and I didn't get into a wreck when the brakes failed on the Escort.

Wolf did get an emergency prescription refill which will last until I have wheels again.

My MIL is a miserable vindictive twat but now everyone knows this, not just me.

My horrible scalping will grow out. And if there weren't a law against murder that jerk hairdresser would be dead now.

SIL was surprised and had a wonderful time at her birthday party. As did we.

The smaller jeans will fit nicely in a few pounds. Muffin-top issue.

Mick is going to get his vintage Beetle moved over here and stored snugly for the winter. The massive transfer of his junk from the garage into the cellar is going well.

I have learned my lesson about sticking up for myself and will resume my former ways of sucking it up and staying quiet.

I have also learned my lesson about speaking to Mick when I'm upset and/or crying. He, even more than the Aspies, insists I be calm, happy, and rational at all times. If I am not he gets furious with me and yells. A lot.

Guess that's about it.

Except that Wolf went to his first high school dance on Friday night and had a terrific time.

Much love from a seriously frazzled, ~LA

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