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11:22 a.m. - 2011-08-31
Flix, Flix, Flix

This week has been busy. Earthquake. Lawyers (more house BS). Playing advocate for my kid with do-nothing administrators. Hurricane. Flood. Power outages (several since the biggie with the storm, resetting the clocks 3-4 times a day is getting really old). Got my period. MIL overdid it and screwed up her foot again. Jet's electrical gremlins got worse and the alarm has been going off at random times even when it's not armed. My cellar stinks of mildew. We have a small flea problem. The central air had to be shut down at the breaker box, the thermostats quit working. Wolf's acting out because he's nervous about school. Yesterday was the first day I could eat in over a week, everything tasted like shit and wouldn't go down. I can't get my anti-virus renewal to load properly. Mick's back was a misery to him from all the bailing. Several local roads are closed from flooding/wash-outs and we have to take the long way everywhere. The backdoor is warped from all the damp and won't shut unless much force is applied. And while they have my sympathies, if they don't stop with the f-ing trains past my house all day and night I'm going to go off my chump.

That's it for this week. What's next week? Locusts and fireballs? Dental surgery? The IRS? I'm thinking a Labor Day ice storm. And all four tires on the Escort going flat at the same time. Sounds about right. Feh.

In happier news when I have electricity and internet I've been getting my money's worth out of the streaming Netflix. It's not so great for movies, most of their dvd offerings haven't been digitized yet so the selection is skerce. But TV? Hoo baby do they have TV.

I fell in love with 'Drop Dead Diva'. It's hokey and a bit heavy-handed with the body issues but still so much fun! Almost perfect fluff. Shoes. Nail polish. Romance. Margaret Cho. And the show's star Brooke Elliot is so adorable I could eat her up with a spoon.

Then there's 'Dead Zone'. Anthony Michael Hall. Wow! Never thought Farmer Ted would grow up to be such a hunk.

A Showtime series about Grim Reapers that's called 'Dead Like Me'. It's just weird enough to be intriguing. Plus it stars Mandy Patinkin. Can never go wrong with him. The guy's been blowing my skirt up since 'Evita' on Broadway.

Yes, I'm aware all three shows have 'Dead' in the title. Haven't gotten morbid, Netflix bases its recommendations on previous choices and keeps throwing paranormal/afterlife type stuff at me. I've been watching non-dead shows too.

'Star Trek NG', gotta have my Picard fix.

Lots of travelogues and history shows by some of the Pythons. Palin, Cleese, and Jones have done wonderful stuff. Informative and funny. (I was going to say 'former Pythons', but let's be real, those guys are Pythons for life.)

An episode of 'Buffy' once in a while. Tried 'The Addams Family' but had forgotten how much I loathe laugh tracks. Plenty of random bopping around trying on other shows. Plus I'm saving some new-to-me goodies for the long dark winter ahead. 'Mad Men', 'Weeds', 'Doctor Who'. Shoot, I could watch 'Doctor Who' for 18 months straight, Netflix has ALL of them. I, too, will have a favorite Doctor eventually and my geekdom shall be complete.

And for certain there's been movies. Documentaries. Indie cinema. Foreign ones. Movies that never came here to the land of the moronic multiplex.

Was bowled over by 'Winter's Bone'. Fabulous. Jennifer Laurence is amazing. Great choice to play Katniss Everdeen. If they'd picked a Fanning or one of those 'Glee' bobbleheads I'd have been pissed off.

My favorite discovery so far is a little movie called 'Arranged'. It's about two young women, one a pious Muslim, the other an Orthodox Jew, who become friends at work. Both of them are teaching at a public school and discover they have more in common with each other than they do their non-religious partying co-workers. The school's principal is an old-school 70s feminist and is offended by what she sees as the women's lack of choice. Especially about marriage. Both are being set up for arranged marriages- the Muslim woman through her father and the Jewish woman through a matchmaker. It's a sweet movie. Hopeful. And quite unbiased about the good and the bad about living orthodox in an anything goes world.

Nice chatting with you. Time for me to start another round of laundry and continue my battle to de-mildew my cellar. ~LA

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