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11:04 a.m. - 2011-08-08
Candlelight and Cracking Wise.

Due to extremely good budgeting and other grown-uppish things like delayed gratification and prioritizing we made it through the paycheck drought. I'm grateful Mick gets to work summer school- we'd be DOA otherwise, but the lag between the regular school year pay and when summer school pay finally starts coming in is a looooong time. We know this ahead of time and do plan and save but this is the first year where we lucked out and didn't have a car blow up or pipes burst or some other horrible money suck of a problem throw everything out of whack. And TA DA! We made it. And not one bill was paid late, we ate fine, and even squeezed in a couple of movies.

I am proud of us.

It's not like we're profligate spenders at any time of year, but Mick's big thrill is spoiling me. I know, every woman should have such a 'problem'. "Dagnabbit! My husband wants to take me out to eat again." Getting through the drought requires discipline. Any idea how absurd it feels to be arguing that I don't want to get a pedicure or have dinner at the Snobbo Inn? That the peace of mind and satisfaction of staying within our planned budget is a bigger treat for me? And if we do have a couple shekels to rub together that I'd rather have the yard kid come do the lawn rather than blowing the dough on frivol? The pleasurable heart's ease of knowing my Mick won't be out in the heat courting a stroke and chancing another round of Lyme disease is way, way, way better than anything else the money could buy.

In theory Mick agrees, in practice he's a sneaky bastid always plotting his next surprise treat. When I catch him at it I shake my finger at him. He grumbles that I'm impossible to spoil properly. I should be wanting hand-dipped chocolates, orchids, chinchilla fur stoles, trips to Monte Carlo! What kind of loon thinks lawn care is a wonderful present? Then we laugh and go make-out like teenagers.

Speaking of teenagers, mine is gone until Thursday. He's camping with Mack and family. Lots of family. Bri's lady friend's kids are coming with their spouses and kids too. Cousins are coming and grandpas and aunties. I'm glad Wolf gets to be part of a clan thing like that. We're skerce on family and Wolf should know what it's like to be in a hubbub of kin. It's also a good opportunity for him to practice being the new kid in an established group. That's what he's doing this fall.

Which I can't wait for. Autumn, I mean, not Wolf facing a firing squad of hostile stares in homeroom. I have one more summer thing to do and I'll be ready to pack it in. A day at the shore and then summer is over. Finito. Das ist alles. I just need to put my feets in the sea and take a roundtrip ride on THIS at sunset and I'm good. We didn't make it down there this year for our engagement anniversary either and we are feeling the lack of boardwalk and beach most keenly. Be great if we could wrangle more shore time, but see above about being grown-ups and staying within budget. Who has two thumbs and refuses to take a VisaCard vacation and spend the next two years paying off a night in a motel and some clam strips? THIS girl! I'm not being a budget Nazi and denying my poor hardworking man a vacation because I'm a tightwad and a grinch. We'll make the staycation thing work after summer school lets out next week. We'll have 15 days of free time and there will be plenty of fun to be had within our slender means. Sex is still free.

Heh. Last week at dinner we were discussing the nutball who tried to build an atom splitter in his kitchen. I shook my head and said, "You know, for most guys masturbation is their hobby." Wolf smirked. Then Mick intoned, "Masturbation isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle."

Laid me out. Laughed so hard my ribs hurt all night. Mick's delivery had been pitch perfect. And shocking because he rarely says anything off-color, especially in front of Wolf. Who, btw, laughed his ass off too. Even more than chinchilla stoles and orchids Mick luuuurves when he can make me laugh. He grooved on that one for days.

Tonight we're a table for two and I have a schmoopy dinner planned. The spoiling goes both ways, of course, and romance is in the air. ~LA

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