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7:17 p.m. - 2011-07-07
Mom Goes Shopping.

While the kid was off at the concert Mick and I had a date night last night. Originally we planned to see 'Midnight in Paris' but while I was napping Mick was overcome with a yen for sushi and a spree at FYE for a truckload of new dvds. Waking me at the agreed upon time he proposed the new plan. I was down with it. I'm always good with Asian food and not about to object to getting more dvds for my library. I'm sure I'll end up with a copy of 'Midnight in Paris' anyhow, no big if I don't see it at the cineplex.

Over dinner we had one of those terrific conversations that wandered over a ton of topics. The kind of conversation we usually can't get into when Wolf's around. Family table talk is different animal. I enjoy those conversations too, but it was nice to speak with my guy and not have to explain every backstory and feign interest in the latest news from Wii World. For a young guy Wolf is well-versed in current events and often offers an interesting take on the hoary old problems of social responsibility and religious intolerance and the like, but when he's at table with us Mick is less apt to tell me I'm beautiful or his thoughts about what he'd like to do to me during our next nakey romp. As it should be, of course.

Though this subject came up in a recent convo on the Couch of Infinite Time Suckô here in my office. (My loveseat has amazing powers with its hypnotic comfort and ability to cloud minds to the passage of time.) I was telling Mick that adults need to wrest back the privilege of adulthood. The egalitarian world we've made for our children? Frankly it sucks. I'm all for giving kids all kinds of real life adventures and an active say about their lives, but deader than the dodo is the idea that some things are the sole provenance of grown-ups. A no-nonsense "Tough noogs, kid. Mom and Dad are having cocktails and talking with OUR friends. You go to bed now" is apt to get you lynched by other parents these days. Parents determined the supposed 'hardships' of their childhoods be expunged by making a fairyland for their kids where kids rule and grown-ups drool.

This, however, is a topic for another day. Right now I want to talk about last night's date and all the cool loot.

After dinner we sloped off to that weird little Rivertown Mall. In reverse order is a list and commentary about the purchases from LA's Grand Night Out.

At The Avenue I picked up an Everything Skirt. A mid-shin, black linen A-line skirt with buttons down the front. A faboo wardrobe building block. I can wear this skirt with a t-shirt and sandals to the beach. I could also pair it with a nicer top and heels and dress it up for a night out. It's perfect for every occasion. Been looking for something like this since forever. It's too bloody hot to wear jeans and I don't do capris and shorts are often too nekkid or casual. A skirt I can wear through the summer and into the fall is a choice, choice find.

The FYE barfed up all sorts of gold last night. Not a single dvd cost over $5.00. I luuurve the FYE at Rivertown Mall. Mick picked up a few of 'his' movies- all shooting and revenge and grunty dialog. I filled in more gaps in my go-to movie collection and got dvd copies of several already owned on VHS. A decent cross-section of genres too. The new flicks are:

'School Ties'
'Waiting To Exhale'
'Mystery, Alaska'
'Dead Zone'
'Empire Records'

This last, I discovered last night, is an awful re-mix version with completely unnecessary outtake footage cut back in and a newer soundtrack that isn't anywhere as good as the original. Phooey. And shame on me for not reading the box closer. Some uber-consumer I am.

At Old Navy I picked up a new bathing suit. Don't care if it's flattering or not (it isn't), this will be the suit that lives at MIL's. Be handy to have a suit there so I can use the pool whenever without having to pack or plan. The super sale and clearance racks yielded a bunch more goodies too. A short skirt in grey jersey. And a pile of new t-shirts. Shirts with goofy graphics like heart-shaped tie-dye and THIS one.

I know! Perfect, right? I also got another 'LA' shirt which the website doesn't seem to have a link for. This one with screen-printed flowers and the 'LA' is embroidered on the front in a swoopy curving script. Reminded me of Laverne De Fazio. It was awfully nice of Old Navy to have personalized shirts on hand just when I was wanting to add some fun to my increasingly ho-hum wardrobe. Along with my name, the shirts came in colors I wear and were festooned with graphics like peace signs and posies, so very me.

(Yes, yes, trollish nitpickers, I know the 'LA' logo really refers to Los Angeles and the shirts weren't actually custom designed for lil ol' me. God, get a life and go away already.)

Anyhow, that's the goodie list. Made out like the proverbial bandit. A bunch of great movies. A very necessary black skirt. And in case of a sudden attack of amnesia I've got my name right on the front of my shirt. Quite handy, eh?

Yours about to tackle the pleasant problem of choosing a movie, ~LA

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