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2:00 p.m. - 2011-06-16
The Bee's Knees.

My house has bees. Honey bees. In the living room wall. They're getting in through a hole near my bedroom window. Just noticed them last night. Hard to miss, there were a dozen of them banging on the inside of the living room window. Poor bee-phobic Wolf freaked out. Mick went into battle mode. A necessary move, there wasn't any way to get them outside again safely, the window doesn't open. But I hated it anyhow and left the room before the carnage started. I truly don't mind bees. Even in my living room. I still don't know if they've made a permanent home or were just stopping by for rest. If they haven't moved on by this evening I'll track down the local bee guy. It shouldn't be too hard, he lives around the corner on Mini-dunk's other street. That's right, we have two main roads here in the Big City. You're not careful and you'll get your bad self lost in the urban jungle that is mighty Mini-dunk. Established in 1713, growth has really surged over the last 300 years, according to the latest census we have a whopping population of 419 hardy souls who call it home.

Yeah, you know you live in a small place when everybody in town can fit in the rec room at the fire house.

I like it though. There's plenty of bigger towns nearby. If needs be I can be at a mall, a Walmart, or at any number of chain restaurants in 20 minutes. BUT I don't have to deal with the noise and the traffic that goes with them here in this oasis of backwater charm.

Oh, before I forget, those FB friends who play Gardens of Time and 'neighbored' me or whatever the heck you do to exchange stuff you need in the game… I am TRYING. That dratted game is annoying the snot out of me. Not the game play itself, I really like hidden object games. I own at least a dozen downloads from Big Fish. This is actually part of my problem with G-o-T, I am used to the soothing zen of searching for hidden objects. Just me and my cursor. The way FB keeps barging in demanding you sign up more people and give them all gifts and hawking their energy tokens and coins they want you to BUY with real money…for fuck's sake! Annoying as all get out. With all the begging for money and pushy recruiting it's like making your way through an airport jammed with Hare Krishnas and Mormons. I might have known this earlier if I'd played Mafia Wars or Farmville but I'd deftly avoided the pitcher plants of FB games like those. My feed used to be choked with pleas for or to stop sending palm trees and piglets and did anybody have a spare assault rifle? Fuh, no way.

But oy, the bastids got me. Suckered me in with a pretty hidden object game that at first glance didn't seem to be a cleverly disguised seine net trawling for marketing demographics. I thought it might be like that other cute game, the one where you tried to pop bubbles while they ricocheted around in slo-mo. A just-for-fun game. But noooo. I signed up for an official FB timesuck info seine net. Like a dope.

So I'm trying to get past my distaste for the blatant hucksterism and just play. It's tough. I'm spoiled by my downloads with the fantastic graphics and NO intruders. Plus, as I wend my way through yet another fun fest set up for me by my pal- menopause, and am struggling to not run amok with a kris in my teeth, it's maybe not the best time for me to be trying to play well with others. I'll give G-o-T another whirl when I'm feeling less stabby.

Even though I have honey bees, not bumbles, I was going to post Flight of the Bumblebee but I found this in the sidebar and it's much closer to my state of being at the mo'.

'Warning: Do not put fingers near cage or try to pet the Sage, she bites.' ~LA

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