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2:23 p.m. - 2011-05-06
Good, Bad, Good, Bad, Good.

Tra la la…I woke up this morning at a ridiculously early hour and for a wonder I felt great! Alive, cheerful even. Skipped downstairs, started the coffee, let the dog out. The sun was shining, the air temp was darn chilly but even this made me happy. My goose pimples made me giggle, as did the energy savings from still not needing the a/c. Chatted with the kid. Advised him how best to de-wrinkle his shirt (a quick tumble in the dryer with a damp dishcloth) and he went off to school looking slightly less rumpled. The husband was a bit stunned to see me up and smiling but he went with it and kissed me a lot before he left too.

Then on my way upstairs to get dressed for the gym I took a wrong step and my ankle gave out. Not a sprain, just this weird slightly ouchie thing that leaves it twingy and feeling weak for a while. The same damn thing happened during the 8th grade basketball team try-outs and despite sinking every shot (even a few from half-court!), and being the tallest girl in the school, my gimpy limping run cost me a spot on the team. Too embarrassed and ashamed from being summarily cut I couldn't get it together to stick up for myself and explain about the temporary nature of my injury and that normally I could run without looking like Quasimodo. Oy, what my lack of self-confidence has cost me over the years!

Today, though, my dopey ankle wasn't going to slow me down. I had places to go, weights to lift, shopping and banking to do. And then with all the errands run and grown-uppish things taken care of I'd treat myself to a pedicure. Even remembered to take my pedi flip-flops with me. Nail salons do provide disposable pedicure sandals for those who don't bring their own, but I've learned my huge feet always reduce the Asian nail techs to helpless giggles of awestruck horror. Those terrible gaijin with their big boat feet! Finding me some pedi sandals that fit is worthy of another giggle fit and the cause of much whispering and smirking. Better to just bring my own and save myself from being the butt of Gojira jokes amongst the staff.

Everything went swimmingly. I concentrated on form and really using the target muscles during my weight routine (at the higher weight and rep count, thankyouverymuch) and managed to do a mile and ¾ on the tread before my ankle started quacking too loudly. MIL and I worked out plans for Sunday and though she begged off today she promised she'd go with me for a pedicure next time. She's NEVER had one. It's about time, don't you think? My darling MIL is even worse than I am when it comes to self-care and allowing herself some tiny indulgences. She still feels guilty that after a lifetime of scouring her hide with cheap-ass Dial soap she's started using Olay body wash. And that only because SIL and I keep her supplied with it. God forbid this woman use a nice product and feel comfortable after a shower and not itch like a mad bastard from desiccated skin. (*snort*)

After the gym I toddled off to the bank and got into a great convo about hand-made silver jewelry with the teller. I recognized her pendant and she my thumb rings as coming from the local hippie store. We talked about how great the place was and admired each other's sparklies. I was almost glad Mick wasn't with me. Not that he'd have quashed the conversation, but even after four years he's still astonished and a bit wary about how easily I make chat with people and how smoothly my transactions go because of it. Mick's forever accusing me of 'twinkling' people with my hoo-doo, but as I always tell him, the only twinkle is the one in my smile, and my going into things with the assumption that freely offered friendliness and cooperation will be met with the same is as magic as it gets.

I know this disarming people by being super nice and showing my throat thing started because I was tired of the instant hostility generated by how I look (waaaay tall, giant hooters, used to be quite pretty), but over the years I've found it serves me well anyhow. I know there's a tribe of sad, somewhat ignorant folks who think the way to 'win' is to shame, hurt and get the drop on people by giving them the shiv first, thus somehow assuring themselves of having the superior hand and the 'power' in any interaction, but it's an ugly way to live. And the only thing this meanness assures is that others will dislike you and cut a wide swath. If that's your idea of power and superiority, go for it. Me? I'd rather invite others in. The world's a hard enough place without going out of one's way to make enemies. Friends, allies, these are the ones I want around me, not a bunch of hostile angry people who are looking for revenge and to even the score. I've had more than enough hostility and hurt to last several lifetimes and never look for more voluntarily.

Anyhoodle, as I said, the early part of my day went great. I did my stuff and made my second to last stop at Sam's. Med refills, of course. And that's where my day went to shit. Seems the (*coff*) lovely folks at the health insurance just dropped Wolf off our policy for no reason to be found.

Right? Wolf's meds are the BIGGEST reason I forfeited my pretty wedding. Why I gave up being the bride of my imaginings and did that shitty hurry-up jobbie at the local JP. So Wolf would finally, finally have health insurance. And now he's cut off????

Well, crap!

My fantastic hard working pharmacist did her best. Calling the insurance company direct. Waiting on hold, answering the same lame ass questions a dozen times. I'd have kissed her if I could have. See? This is what comes from making an ally of someone you must do business with. Catherine the pharmacist was a champ. Unfortunately no answers were forthcoming from the insurance company. Just a curt 'coverage terminated'.

While still at the counter I got Mick on the horn and apprised him of the situation. He promised to go straight to the district's business office ASAP and find out what the deal was. In the meantime I paid for my meds, which (a miracle!) were still covered, thanked Catherine for all her efforts on my behalf, and chin dragging, heart sore, slowly made my way out of Sam's.

Too upset and discouraged to deal with the nail salon I came straight home. Decided to do a homemade pedicure and to cheer myself up a little chose the brightest, shiniest, most gleaming rose pink from my collection of polishes.

Fortunately before I was even finished pumicing my heels Mick called me back. Since Wolf is not his natural born child every year we have to offer bona fides in the way of tax returns to show that he is our deductible, legal offspring. No prob. He is. Mick will deliver the proper documentation on Monday. I'll pick up Wolf's prescriptions on Tuesday after I get through with the (finally!) re-scheduled Big Deal IEP meeting and all will be well.

There you go. The day started off bright, threw a monkey wrench, which was overcome, good things happened, then another problem cropped up, and that, too, was dealt with. And now all is calm and well…and I still have pretty pink sparkle toes.

Nice and well-groomed, ~LA

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