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12:10 p.m. - 2011-05-02
He's dead. BFD.

As usual I'm out of step. I don't get all this dancing and fist pumping over killing Osama bin Laden. We killed him. So what? I think bringing him to trial and making him answer for his crimes would have been the true justice. To perhaps made him sit and hear from the families of the dead. Killing him solved nothing. Now he's just another martyr for a cause. He was ready to die for his moronic beliefs and we obliged him. And then like morons ourselves people poured into the streets and danced. Exactly like those who danced and celebrated when the Towers went down. Our reaction to those dancers and partiers was furious outrage. Moral indignation and disgust. Barbarians! We cried. Haters! Devils! How could anyone be happy over death?

But somehow when WE dance and celebrate over killing we're still the good guys, yes?

LA! That's different! The people who were killed on 9-11 were innocent! Osama planned their murders and his minions carried them out! He OWED us his life! He had to pay.

Hey, I agree bin Laden was a bad guy, I'm just asking how anything was fixed by this? Now bin Laden is dead and gone, free from any punishment and in the eyes of a watching world all our macabre partying looks as barbaric and as disgusting as the mobs we've seen on TV waving flags and jumping for joy when we or our allies are killed.

Fricken Hatfields and McCoys.

'Getting' bin Laden didn't do anything. We didn't get back all the money we've bankrupted this country for and spent on these asinine wars. It didn't bring back the dead service people. It didn't magically heal the wounded bodies and minds of our veterans. It won't stop us from being sexually assaulted by the TSA when we want to fly to Orlando. It won't take the machine gun toting soldiers and jackbooted cops out of train stations, streets and schools. You think the FBI is suddenly going to stop their wire-tapping and snooping on private citizens? They're not going to open a Chili's and a Toys-R-Us down in that gulag we've got in Cuba.

For me?

My darling Dom won't be back in his kitchen making scampi and calamari next Christmas Eve. He won't be there to give me a garlicky kiss and tease me about marrying an Irishman, a cop no less!

Tommy? He won't be back either. Tommy won't be here to see his elder daughter graduate high school this June. Killing bin Laden doesn't mean my friend will see how the pre-schooler son in 2001 has gotten so tall and lanky.

All I see is how the dead are still dead and now all we have is one more dead guy.

Oh, and a bunch of high fiving, flag waving, fist pumping, conga line dancing assholes who actually think something was accomplished yesterday.

Disgusted, ~LA

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