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3:23 p.m. - 2011-04-28

Better today. Actually the better started as I vented with my previous entry. Thank goodness for journals.

Still pooped though.

Glad to hear my dear K and her family are okay and their house is intact. I know many of her neighbors and colleagues didn't come out as unscathed. And that sucks. Hope the clean-up and recovery is swift down in Alabam. Love you, K.

Got my hair cut yesterday. It doesn't look terrible and fortunately I have very fast growing hair and a forgiving kind of hairstyle anyhow. Yeah, the hairdresser mangled it. Afterward she was appalled and extremely apologetic. Like I said, it doesn't look too bad, it's just far shorter than I'd asked for. Some grow time and some tweaking with the next cut and it'll be fine. Though I am very glad I don't have an exacting and specific cut like a pageboy, wow, because when those get butchered it shows. And it takes a hella long time to grow back out. Mine? No biggie. 3-4 weeks and my coif is right as rain again. Something I made clear to my horrified and saddened hairdresser. If I was seriously ticked off I'd have told her, I'm too old to be unnecessarily polite. As it was I could see she was just having a really bad day. Something I could totally relate to and she was forgiven. She gave me a watery smile and thanked me for being so nice.

Feh, why not? It's only hair. Besides, it's not like I look like a lobotomized mental patient or anything, it's just a little on the butch side. Some bigger earrings and glossier lipstick and it'll balance off.

Though later in the day I was NOT that forgiving of f-ing Amazon. Bastards ripped me off. I ordered a dvd that supposedly came with a digital 'watch immediately' download. Figured I'd get my fix last night (I've been absolutely jonesing for this movie) and when the dvd showed up next week I'd have it in my library for repeat viewings when the need was upon me again. Well ha! ha! On me! No such record of my download instant rental. Which, btw, I paid extra for. I went bonkers trying to track it down and find out how to correct this oversight and OF COURSE I got nowhere. The FAQs were useless. The help pages sent me in mobius strip circles. After 45 minutes I was shrieking like pterodactyl.

Fuck you, Amazon. I have decided against a Kindle forever. You can kiss my 100 books and 100 movies-a-year ass good-bye. I'm sticking with FYE, B&, Sam's Club and library sales. Assholes.

For the record, this was NOT some technotard thing on my part, they screwed up.

For the further record the movie in question is 'Crossing Delancey' with Amy Irving and Peter Riegert. (If you missed the link for info click on the 'with'.) 'Crossing Delancey' is a flick I'd put high on my NY movie list the other day. I have a battered VHS copy around somewhere but I can't find it and anyhow I need a clean new copy on dvd. Not an A-list blockbuster. It's a sweet little indie sort of film with an excellent soundtrack and a rare screen appearance by Suzzy Roche. It's a go-to movie for me when I'm jangled and jaded. Which I certainly was yesterday- with no little help from f-ing Amazon.

Mick, bless his heart, twigged to how bad it was with me and was an absolute peach yesterday. Wolf redeemed himself too. Mostly by getting into a hilarious discussion of slang terms for 'breasts' and 'penises' at dinner. Dinner out at Mick's suggestion. (See? He got it.) We sat at the neighborhood diner and cracked ourselves up with our raunchy adolescent foo-rah over how many naughty and silly names for body parts we came up with. Mick and Wolf were impressed and a little awed with my contributions. Hey, man, scratch a writer and you'll get a honking bucket-load of synonyms no matter what the topic words are. I am a walking thesaurus. This includes smut, innuendo and cheekiness.

Perhaps it's not the most mom-approved appropriate subject matter, but what the hell. We all needed the laugh. Especially me.

Me and my sweater puppies, gazongas, hooters, ta-tas, fun bags, knockers, bad mamma jammas, etc, etc, are off now to do more laundry, ~LA

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