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12:09 p.m. - 2011-04-08
Elton to Buster

"Hello. I said, hello. Haven't seen your face for a while."

Some of you know the mess the ex made and what it means to me and mine. Thank you all for the love and support. I have the rocking-est, coolest, most loving friends on the planet bar none.

Suffice it to say there will be a fix one way or another so if y'all don't mind I just don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm exhausted with all of this. When I have something substantial to report I may get into it, but for now I will speak of other things.

Gym today. It's going okay. As always- an increase in speed, reps and weight. I'm still in that yicky stage where it's all work with little obvious benefit yet, but it'll come. Ran into the daughter of MIL's best friend in the locker room. Kay shared the happy news that she's 17 weeks along with her third child. A first kid for her new husband. A very wanted baby for a very happy second marriage. Good for them. I asked how she had energy for the gym, when I'm preggers all I do is puke and sleep. Kay laughed and said she'd just gotten past the puke/sleep thing. Until a few days ago she'd been one with the couch and her constant companion had been her biggest plastic mixing bowl to barf in. Now that she's upright and keeping her food down again she wanted to get a little gym time in before she got too big. Admirable.

Later on MIL sighed and said she wished Mick and I could have had a baby together too. I nodded and said if we'd met 10 years earlier I'd have gone for it, but as it was the timing was wrong. Now, of course, since my surgery the whole question is moot. Besides, I am slowly but surely removing myself from the caretaking biz. Wolf's almost 14. The pets are middle-aged. As the latter age and die off they will not be replaced. And Wolf, even if he stays here after high school, he'll be grown enough that the tending will be mostly financial with the occasional dollop of advice about his career/education/love life. Totally do-able. Heck, except for the Christmas cactus and one spider plant I've replaced all my other indoor plants with silk ones. I am soooo over taking care of needy living things.

Though speaking of my aging child, got him new sneakers the other day. Size 10! Think my kiddo got zapped with his old mom's huge slatchy feet. His brother sure did. Alex wears a 13EEE. Not completely outrageous for someone who's almost 6'3", but still just outside the norm enough to be a pain in the patoot to shop for. Much to Wolf's relief his feet aren't the only signs of growth. At his last check-up he was 5'5" and 108lbs. That's 4 inches and 15lbs since the start of the school year. No doubt before this time next year he'll be topping Mick's 5'8". We were talking about this last night while we cleaned up from dinner and Mick mock pouted about he won't like it when he's the shortest person in the house. Wolf laughed gleefully and said at least Mick would always be taller than the dog.

I got my new driver's license pic taken. There was too much glare coming off my glasses so the DMV lady made me take them off. It's quite the stunning portrait. Not! Even worse than my passport pic. On my new license I look like Buster Poindexter. Crap.

I know nobody ever truly looks good in their license picture, it's just I have to whip my ID out quite often and hearing all the comments about whether I'm This guy's sister is gonna get old. Shoot, I don't even smoke cigars. At least not very often.

To tie in with the Buster thing once more, the recent stress has provoked the bitch mistress Estrogen into overdrive and the flashes are on, baby. Your pal the Sage is feeling…

And yeah, my accent sounds just like his. ~LA

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