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11:30 a.m. - 2011-04-02
Slow news day.

Did the "Yay! It's payday!" grocery shopping last night. Not that we were starving or anything, it's just I'd run low on the stuff that fleshes out the meals and was out of some of my favorite spices and sauce fixings. Making dinner this week was like being on a low-rent version of Chopped.

"Tonight, LA, you must make dinner with these ingredients: leftover eye round, a can of diced tomatoes and a dozen shriveled baby carrots. You have no pasta, potatoes, cheese or garlic. GO!"

Of course since it was payday shopping there were treats. Mick and I browsed the bargain dvd bin and plucked out a couple of treasures. My choice was 'Dreamgirls', which I'd never seen. When I showed it to Mick he said, "Oh yeah, we saw that at the movies." BUSTED! I snottily said, "I have NOT seen this movie." Horrified, Mick realized he'd seen the movie with someone else. Now I wasn't really offended at all. The movie came out in 2006, obviously well before our first date on March 28, 2007, but Mick was in agonies of guilt and embarrassment. He blushed so hard he turned purple. I couldn't let him suffer like that. Poor guy, feeling terrible about having a life before we met. I hugged him and laughed and twitted him a little about his blushing. Assured him I thought the whole thing was a hoot and he shouldn't feel bad. He still did though. Now if I were an avaricious scheming sort I could have totally worked this to my advantage and ground my thumb down on his guilt button until he coughed up enough high-end jewelry and did enough groveling to satisfy. But Homey don't play that shit. It's tacky, mean and makes your mate a foe to be vanquished. Someone to get over on. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Though I am going out this afternoon for a pedicure. Not because of the Dreamgirls incident, but because I've fallen into that uber-responsible martyrish grind mindset. Glumly stumping along Doing The Right Thing, feeling wearily pleased with myself when I tumble into bed every night reeking of Windex and bathroom cleanser. Grumpily proud I had gone another day without wearing mascara or a bra. When my big 'splurge' was a workout at the gym. I need to put my princess tiara back on…pronto. Sparkle toes ought to do it.

When I started this I was certain I had more to say this morning but I guess I don't.

Hope everybody has a good weekend.

Love you lots, ~LA

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