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1:46 p.m. - 2011-03-20
Every Thorn Has Its Rose

It seems like every entry recently has been me saying, "I got a new…" and that the money has been flowing out of my wallet in a river. Flowing, yes, but it's more like a trickle than a river. Trickles add up too, but much more slowly. And heck, my phone was free. (The BlackBerry war continues. So far the phone's winning.) In totting it up I see my biggest splurges were on glasses and underwear. Wow, decent eyesight and non-holey underpants! Do I know how to party or what? I did, however, recently get new headphones to use here at my computer. The pads on the old ones fell apart. Mick suggested I use the ear buds from my iPod but when I pointed out how often I have to slide my headphones off to hear the latest question or announcement from him and Wolf the ear buds don't make sense. I have to screw them in there (I have weirdly shaped ear holes) and the wear and tear on the buds and my ears would be immense. He thought on it and realized I was right. I'm barged in on around every 8 minutes or so. So, to that end I got new headphones. Same brand as my buds, Skull Candy makes excellent sound equipment. In fact the sound quality on the new 'phones is so good that after a week's use I'm still startled and amazed by what I haven't been hearing all along. Both with my old headphones and with my naked ears. Now when I watch a movie or TV show I hear the footsteps, door creaks, etc, etc, all the ambient background noises I never knew were there before. It's pretty cool.

In a related story, yesterday I was outside with Mick, who was on a jungle clearing mission in my blackberry choked back garden (See? Menaced by blackberries of all kinds!) and the ex came out of his place and started rooting around in the tool shed. He said something to me from inside the shed, with his back to me, while clanking around a bunch of tools. I went up toward the shed saying in a loud voice, "Michael! I'm going as deaf as you are, remember? I can't hear a fricken word you say when your back's toward me!" The ex stopped clanking for a minute and stuck his head out the tool shed door and said, "What? I couldn't hear you."

I had to laugh. I also had a brief flash on what it would be like if he and I still lived together. We'd be shouting all the time and having endless maddening "Who's on first?" convos. "LA?" "What?" "mztyrszp?" "What??" "mztyrszp!!" "Michael, I can't hear you!" "LA? Did you say something?" "YOU were talking to ME!" "Huh?"

Mick, who has hearing like a bat, snorted and went back to hacking at the brambles.

He did a damn fine job too. Mick thinks it's all taken care of, at least for the season, but I know how sneaky and persistent that blackberry is and gently tried to get it across to my guy that yesterday was only the first skirmish in what's bound to be a long and exhausting war. Mick is such a funny mix of cock-eyed optimism and paranoid cynicism. In the blackberry thing he thinks because HE says it's all cleared out that it is. Cock-eyed optimism will not stand against the rotten perniciousness of determined blackberry bramble. Poor hopeful mannie.

Mick also has an astonishingly high threshold for cutie-patootie stuff. When we were first dating he was using an email program that insisted on including all these terrible cutie-pie animated attachments on every piece of mail. Really horrible crap. Sparkly unicorns prancing on rainbows. Tap dancing daisies with faces. Glassy-eyed moppets clutching heart-shaped balloons that said, "I WUV You!" I kid you not. And I, despite my bizarre thing for princess movies, assumed he was being ironic with this stuff. No way did I think that this he-man who looked like a cement block with a head, a former cop and one scary mofo of a bar bouncer who could dead lift 460lbs was in any way being sincere with his animated gifs of twinkling duckies doing the can-can.

He was.

And I'm afraid I hurt his feelings rather badly with my derisive laughter and obvious contempt for his electronic endearments, which I honestly believed he found as dopey as I did. I apologized when I saw how hurt he was, felt terrible about bruising him like that. But now it's become a joke between us and nowadays if Mick smites me with cutesy mawkishly sentimental goodies he does do it with tongue firmly in cheek. Though I have a sneaky he is also mocking me (just a bit) for my own hard-nosed attitude toward the gooier things in life. His 'sweet' girl with the heart and attitude as thorny and nasty as any blackberry bramble.

Good day to you, my friends. ~LA

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